What The Future of Help Desk Support Looks Like

If employers don't adapt to their employees' use of personal devices for work, they risk leaving themselves open to security threats.

If employers don’t adapt to their employees’ use of personal devices for work, they risk leaving themselves open to security threats.

One of the best tools available from a managed service provider is their help desk and support services. These IT pros must keep their finger tightly on the pulse of rising technology to manage their customers ever-increasing needs. In the fast-paced world of growing tech, when looking into the future, these three things are certain:

BYOD is Growing, Learning to Adapt

Employees that BYOD (Bring Their Own Device) to work currently only account for about 1/3 of hardware being used professionally. According to a survey of over 1,400 executives, when asked this question, “Do you allow your employees access to your networks via their smartphones, tablets and laptops,” only 33% replied affirmatively.

But the truth is, employees are going to work from their personal devices whether corporate likes it or not, so the best course of action is to adapt. If enterprises don’t allow access, users will simply leave IT behind and risk security threats and data breaches.

Mobile First Mentality

We’ve all seen the statistics about the tremendous growth of mobile devices and this trend has not fallen on deaf ears at the help desks. The number of mobile WiFi hotspots, some public and unsecured along with those safer connections available at home and work have also increased significantly.

Due to this tremendous increase in traffic, many IT help desk operations have deployed separate departments just for mobile inquiries. This streamlines the process and concentrates support processes quickly and more effectively.


24/7 Real Time Support


Long gone are the days of waiting for hours, days, let alone weeks or more for support. Customers expect answers almost immediately, anytime and anywhere. Emergency service is simply a given for this profession.


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