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How Alexa Integrations Can Improve YourAct! CRM’s User Experience

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Would AI help you in your daily tasks?

CRMs don’t just organize customer trajectories or automate workflows. Your company’s CRM is also a resource of information that everyone in your company needs to do their jobs. Whether a salesperson needs to know a customer’s preferred name, a financial manager needs to know the threshold for approving a certain discount, or your contracts team needs to know when a customer’s renewal date is, that information needs to be easy to access.

The problem is that the database might be hard to comb through. Alexa can help when you have an Act! CRM. Here’s how.

Multitask without flipping through tabs.

When you’re in the middle of a critical email or a ticket, the last thing you want to do is interrupt what you’re doing to go search for details across multiple open tabs. Instead of stopping to search for a customer name or an internal phone number, ask Alexa and keep going with your train of thought. Act! CRM is now enabled with Ask Act! functionality so Alexa can deliver the exact answer you’re looking for.

Task switching is one of the leading time wasters in corporate settings. Even switching to your CRM and back can interrupt your productivity. So ask Alexa to get the details you need instead of pausing in the middle of a sentence.

Invite Alexa to your next meeting.

Even with video conferencing, display screens, and all of the technology companies have to make meetings easier, they can still be technologically tedious. If you’ve finally gotten your screen sharing with everyone else, it can be a headache to search for answers on recent developments without getting the whole meeting off-track.

So make sure Alexa is set up to answer questions during your next quarterly sales report or team meeting. Alexa can search across the whole Act! database to find the data you need. You can also ask her to check for recent developments that changed between when you made your reports and the actual meeting.

Make sure your CRM is accessible to all of your employees who need the information.

There’s a lot of emphasis on making buildings accessible to employees. Many ADA regulations apply to physical space, such as wide walkways, ramps, and clear signage. There are fewer regulations in place to make sure web-related resources are accessible to everyone, and job-related tools are even less regulated. But it’s important to make sure all of your employees are equipped to do their jobs.

Ask Act! lets all of your employees access customer information through another medium. Whether your employees can use the extra functionality to keep their focus clear, use the tool to minimize hand-based information-gathering, or get accurate information sightlessly, it improves their workflow. It also makes your company a better place to work.

Mobile agents and field reps can get more done out of the office.

Use voice-controlled AI doesn’t just make life easier in the office. It also gives your field sales representatives and service technicians more options to get work done throughout the day. They can confirm customer details as they walk into a meeting without having to search for them. Depending on your state’s driving laws, they can even pull up critical details while keeping their eyes on the road.

Even better, Act!’s newest versions have a mobile app powered with the same functionality as the desktop version. So your field reps can ask for information with their voice and then go into the app to make updates after each appointment or meeting.

Voice-controlled AI and tools are becoming more and more common. Adding integration with Amazon Echoes into your company’s CRM-based workflows make information-gathering easier and more accurate. It also gives your employees more options so they can deliver the best results. Go to SystemsNet to learn more about the different features Act! CRM has so you can optimize customer relationships.

What Can ACT! Contact Management Software Do For Your Small Business Or Startup?

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ACT! Contact Management Software

How many times have you heard conversations about how a contact management system like ACT! can help you in your small business or your startup business? You have probably asked questions about how a comprehensive customer relationship management system can be integrated with your marketing, financial, customer service, and sales departments. When your vision includes an integrated business plan and a CRM system, you will immediately begin reaping the benefits.

Maximizing Customer Interactions

One of the most important elements of having a successful business is the relationships you form. In order for your small business or startup to maximize its productivity and effectiveness, one of your focuses should be on creating and improving relationships and using the proper CRM system. Conversations will get deeper if the content you are using involves insightful notes and metrics. Potential customers and clients will trust you quicker when they feel you are thinking about what is important to them. Trust will also increase when you know their likes and interests.

Easy Access To Customer Information

There will be a continued need for instant access to important information when your sales reps are out in the field. Everyone needs to be able to have quick access to the relevant information that can be found in email histories conversations, and recent sales history. In order for everyone to have instant access to this information, the mobile devices will have to be linked to the company’s database so all relevant information and updates will be synced.

Finding New Opportunities

As a business owner or someone who is responsible for sales management, you will have plenty of responsibilities to determine where future business opportunities will come from. When you are able to understand opportunity management, you will have the ability to understand the importance and scope of future revenue. You will also be able to determine where you need to place additional focus on in the future.

Finding The Right Leads

When you create marketing campaigns, you have to make sure these campaigns will provide qualified leads. When your campaigns can provide you with qualified leads, you will be able to fully optimize your time with the prospect. Every email contact should provide the relevant information and feedback that will be needed to bring in constant revenue.

Matching The Processes And Preferences

You have probably discovered that many businesses have goals and challenges that are very similar. However, businesses will also have processes and terminology that are different, and as a result, there are different new processes and tweaks that will be beneficial to them. You can gain the swiftness you need to change your processes in the CRM with a variety of ACT! CRM features. You will be able to use sales processes that are specific to the buying habits of your customers and you will be able to improve workflow management with the proper tools.

Your small business or startup is going to need the perfect service to provide you with the right assistance you need in designing, implementing, supporting, training, etc. As a business owner or manager, we know you have your sights set on greatness. When you use the right tools and processes, you will have the tools you need to be more productive and efficient.

It will be important that everyone in your workplace will be on board and properly trained on the ACT! Contact Management Software features and components. Are you ready to introduce ACT! Contact management software to your employees? Do you have questions about how you should use the software once you have it implemented and integrated? Contact us today for more information.

Are You Using ACT! Contact Management Software To Attract Leads?

ACT! Contact Management Software. Attracting Leads or Lead Generation concept

Attracting Leads is easy with a good software product.

Today, more businesses are starting to move toward a different approach when it comes to their marketing strategy. More businesses are deciding that inbound marketing is a more effective approach for them. One of the most important things in inbound marketing is generating as many leads as possible. If one can get people into their customer database, a business will be able to reach them more efficiently than they have been able to in the past. When potential customers can be reached, your business will be able to maximize their entire marketing efforts, and this can lead to a significant amount of business growth.

Since inbound marketing has become so important to many businesses, you are going to need the right solutions and tools to help you achieve the level of success you need. A contact management software solution like ACT! Contact Management software has grown rapidly in recent years. However, you can only find success in this software if you know how to use it effectively and efficiently. When you use this software the right way, you will be able to reach out to all your contacts and lead them into the direction of becoming one of your customers.

Reaching Out To Your Contacts

When you nurture your leads, you are helping to push them in the direction of making a sale and becoming one of your lifelong customers. When you execute this plan the correct way, you will typically find success by using email sequences. These email sequences will generally focus on improving your business’s leadership and trustworthiness. Once you have established your credibility and the abilities of your business, you will be able to promote your business and your services or products.

Nurturing your potential leads does not have to involve sending constant emails on a daily basis. You can send an email on an occasional basis that basically gives customers and potential customers an update on your services or products. You can also send an email that gives your leads information about the benefits of using the services and/or products that you provide. When you can send intriguing emails to your leads and customers, this will encourage them to eventually make a purchase.

E-mail Campaigns

When you make the decision to use ACT! contact management software, you will be given the ability to integrate various email marketing opportunities. These email marketing opportunities will provide you with the resources you need to attract leads and eventually reel them in. When you set up a campaign that is automated, the campaign will start as soon as you enter someone’s name in your database. Once you begin this automated email campaign, you will be able to use various email templates to send the emails to your leads.

Before you create an email campaign or before you try your hand at lead nurturing, you will need to have a proper strategy. It is important that you make sure you do not send emails to your contacts that they will believe is spam. We encourage you to plan out all the moves before you carry them out. You should make sure you know what type of emails leads will want to open and read. Once you send the emails, you should make sure you properly monitor the emails so you can determine if the emails you are sending have been unsuccessful or successful. Monitoring the emails you send will give you the opportunity to find where the changes need to be made if any need to be made at all.

Are you ready to work on a strategy that will allow you to attract the contacts you have entered into your database? Contact us today for more information on ACT! Contact Management Software.

Improve Your Business With ACT! Contact Management Software

ACT! Contact Mangement

CRM Software is critical in helping employees keep up to date with existing customers

Do you know that the cost of obtaining a new customer can be doubled or tripled the cost of holding on to an existing customer? This is why it is so important for you to make smart business decisions and smart marketing decisions so you can show all of your existing customers that you still love and appreciate them for being one of your customers.

Since there is a need for businesses to show their existing customers that they are valuable to the business, there has been a growth in contact management software and technologies. Contact management software has become a critical component for marketing departments across various industries.

It does not matter if you are operating a startup company or if your business is already established and successful, contact management software is increasingly important. Your company has to prepare for the possibility of swift growth. If your business wants to take advantage of every revenue stream that is available to you, you are going to need the perfect contact management software for your business.

The right contact management software will allow you to understand your customers better, and this will allow you to maintain stronger customer relationships. ACT! Contact Management Software will allow your business to excel in more ways than you can think of.

Here are some things that ACT! Contact Management Software will allow you to do:

Be Mobile

Many of us are loving the ability to telecommute. Over 20 percent of employees will handle all or the majority of their work-related tasks from the comfort of their own home. This number is expected to continue to grow over the years. In less than three years, over 100 million employees can be telecommuting. When your contact management software allows you to be mobile, you will have quick access to important customer information, even if you are not working in the office.

Easy Integration

Contact Management Software that can be integrated with your marketing strategy and your social media platforms, you will find it easier to be productive. If you consider your business to be forward-thinking, you should definitely make sure your Contact Management Software can be integrated into your different strategies.

Grow With No Worries

When your business really starts to boom and you experience an incredible amount of growth, you are going to need a Contact Management Software that is scalable. If you make the decision to use a Contact Management Software that is not scalable, you will not be as productive as you need to be. It is important that you choose the right Contact Management Software the first time because you do not want to go through the trouble of migrating to a completely new software.

As a business owner or business manager, you are aware of how overwhelmed your departments can be with data from a variety of sources. One of the biggest challenges your business will face is finding the right steps to take when it comes to using that data. Data is constantly growing at high speeds, and it is not always easy for businesses to comprehend this data effectively.

Fortunately, you do not have to shake your head and pound your fist in frustration any longer. It does not matter what industry your business is in, you will be able to take advantage of a variety of opportunities when you have the best Contact Management Software. When your contact management software is mobile, easily integrated, and scalable, you will have the best opportunities to grow and succeed, now and in the future.

Contact us today for additional information on ACT! Contact Management Software.