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Finding Unbiased IT Support in Pennsylvania for Small Businesses


A managed service provider is there to support the IT systems small businesses already have, while helping them streamline and integrate solutions as needed.

One could safely say that every small business in Pennsylvania and the tri-state area has at least some IT infrastructure helping them conduct business from day-to-day. Considering there are nearly one million small businesses operating in PA alone, IT support is an demand service, yet the service needs to fit with each business’s needs. Indeed, finding unbiased IT support in Pennsylvania for small businesses is as important as ever.



Small Business in Pennsylvania

According to the SBDC Pennsylvania website, referencing the SBA:

“…small businesses are defined as having 500 or fewer employees…small businesses employed 2.4 million workers in 2014 and accounted for 47.3 percent of the private sector labor force.”

As these figures show, small businesses are doing big business in PA; using advanced technology is how these businesses are managing their day-to-day operations.

The various industry segments, choices with cloud or on-premises technologies, and in-house expertise – all factor in to determine the specific IT needs for each small business in PA. The common denominator is their need for at least some IT infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure Management Issues

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, small businesses with limited resources are struggling to stay updated and take advantage of the options available. Security, backup, integrations, updates, repairs, centralization, and other IT support needs are often putting a strain on in-house IT departments and overall productivity.

The last thing small businesses want is to spend all their time scrambling to keep their IT infrastructure and systems running, all the while neglecting strategic IT planning. In-house IT departments for small businesses are limited with their time availability and expertise, leaving small businesses vulnerable to: downtime, expensive repair issues, security threats, and reduced productivity.

Unbiased IT Support in PA and the Tri-State Area

Although systems are becoming more centralized and integrated, most businesses still use many moving parts within their enterprise systems. Most businesses are running hybrid systems with on-premises hardware and cloud software solutions combined. Relying solely on the biased support of these various systems’ reps and technicians isn’t the type of IT support small businesses need.

Unbiased IT support comes from a managed service provider that isn’t tied to any one software solution. Their services are designed to support the IT systems small businesses already have, while helping them streamline and integrate solutions as needed.

For instance, SystemsNet is a reliable source for complete network solutions and maintains a staff of: highly qualified network specialist, application developers, and systems administrators who’ve been trained and certified on top products such as: Microsoft, Dell, Symantec, Linksys, Macola, Barracuda, Swiftpage, ACT!, and many more.

Most small businesses need IT support that can augment their IT departments, offering packaged IT support and repair services at flat monthly rates and on a time and material basis. Each small business has different levels of IT support needs, so they need a MSP that can scale their services to their needs.

IT Support for Small Businesses in PA and the Tri-State Area

The IT services small businesses, generally, need are:

    • Continuous Network and Security Monitoring
    • Live Help Desk 24/7
    • Software and Hardware Consultation
    • On-site or Remote Help
    • Backup Disaster Recovery
    • Network Infrastructure Maintenance

SystemsNet offers small businesses these services and many more. We’re located in Horsham, PA, and serve the tri-state area, including: Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties.

For nearly 20 years, SystemsNet has been providing businesses with complete IT support, giving us the experience and expertise to confidently offer our services to small businesses in PA and the tri-state area.


With all the complexities involved with modern IT infrastructures for small businesses, partnering with an unbiased MSP for IT support is a wise choice. Finding local IT support is even more helpful, as they can perform on-site repairs, integrations, training, and more.

SystemsNet offers to be this local, unbiased, and comprehensive IT support partner for small businesses in PA and the tri-state area. To learn more and receive a technology assessment please contact us today.

Discussing Your Information Governance Policy with a Managed Service Provider (MSP)


Staying in control of your business’ data is vital and can be made easier using a managed service provider

Businesses often generate tremendous amounts of data. Consider all of the emails you’ve ever sent, the documents you’ve written up, and the files you store on all of your computing devices and on platforms like Google Drive. Think about surveys you’ve sent to customers, information you’ve collected about their buying preferences and habits, and the data analyses you’ve conducted.



To stay in control of your data and manage it wisely, you need to develop a comprehensive information governance policy.

The benefits include the following:

  • A sensible system of organization for all of your data, whether it’s a critical file you need immediate access to or older information you can stow away somewhere.
  • Clear guidelines for employees on how they should store, share, or delete data.
  • Improved data security, decreasing the chances that you’ll suffer from a successful cyber attack. (With increases in the rate of data breaches, no organization is safe from getting targeted.)
  • A more effective use of data to glean insights from it and complete your work with greater efficiency and accuracy.
  • Greater trust in the continued existence of your data, instead of worrying about permanent data losses or experiencing unsustainable amounts of downtime as you struggle to restore data after an IT disaster.
  • Reliable compliance with data regulations that affect your industry.
  • Less waste of resources, as you develop more cost-effective ways to store and manage data, and rely on safe ways to dispose of it when needed.

How can a Managed Service Provider (MSP) help?

With an MSP, you enjoy a comprehensive, personalized array of IT services provided by experienced professionals. You’ll receive invaluable guidance and assistance with creating an information governance policy and implementing it in your organization.

One example is your choice of data backup solutions. The wrong software and hardware will endanger your most sensitive data or lead to costly delays in data restoration. There are various solutions to choose from; these range from high-quality cloud storage for critical and confidential information to magnetic tape for older, unessential, and less sensitive data. Whatever you choose needs to make sense for your data and for your organization’s needs. Your MSP will assist you with data backups, including making sure the backups aren’t left incomplete.

Another issue that comes up is how to handle your growing volume of data, particularly if your company is expanding in scope or working on projects involving massive amounts of information. Where do you store it all? Many companies rely on a hybrid of cloud computing and local storage solutions, but the specifics really depend on your particular demands.

Then there’s the need for data security, essential for protecting your customers, business partners, and employees while also meeting regulatory requirements. Your MSP will monitor your network round-the-clock and immediately respond to signs of unauthorized activity. They can safely dispose of data you wish to get rid of and help you make use of encryption, firewalls, anti-malware programs, and other cyber defenses. With your MSP’s assistance, your employees can also undergo training for safer computing habits and remain aware of the threats your organization faces.

Another advantage of working with an MSP when you’re developing and implementing your information governance policy is that your MSP will remain in regular communication with you. They’ll keep you apprised of the health of your IT system and point out areas that could use improvement. Working with their feedback and advice will help you strengthen your organization’s ability to manage and make use of data.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the services we provide as an MSP. Your data is a precious resource that should never be left in neglect and disarray.

Why Your Business Needs a Live Answer Help Desk


Using a live answer help desk can improve both customer interaction and satisfaction

One thing that’s interesting about working in businesses, is that there’s always room for improvement. Not just in terms of upgrading your technology, but in relation to customer interactions as well. First of all, let’s look at the former. In terms of technology, let’s say that you’re using a flash drive for storing all your info. While this a great tool that’s portable to boot, have you thought about other methods of storing your data? After all, considering how unpredictable disasters can be in the workplace, contingency plans are always important. As a second option, cloud computing would be very valuable as well.

Now let’s look at the latter. How can you not only improve your customer interactions, but their satisfaction as well? If nothing else, have you considered using a live answer help desk for your business? The key to a successful company is to keep your customers happy, as they’re the heart and soul of your business. With live chat support on your website, your customers will be able to reach you at the blink of an eye. Overall, here are some advantages to having a live answer help desk.

#1. Satisfied Customers

Remember how I mentioned that keeping your customers happy, is all part of a successful business? A live answer help desk is great because it satisfies the customers needs immediately. In this day and age of social media and fast paced technology, we want answers to our questions now. It can be frustrating trying to call a business to resolve an issue, only to be put on hold for up to an hour. Not to mention that even though most businesses have a direct email, you might not always get an immediate response. After all, businesses often receive hundreds of customer concerns, and yours might just get lost in the pile. With a live answer help desk, however, any problems or concerns you have are quickly and easily resolved. Not to mention the business agent isn’t dealing with other customers, as they’re focused on you and you only. For example, let’s say that you’re relatively new to the business website, and you’re wondering how to operate. You don’t have to learn yourself, or wait for someone on the phone to guide you. An associate via the help desk could give you all the assistance you need.

#2. Improves Your Business Reputation

Not only are businesses very competitive, but they’re always looking for ways to improve their reputation. Not to mention give themselves the advantage over other companies. With that said, having a live answer help desk is great for this. When it comes to the former, how does a help desk improve your reputation? First of all, when your customers see that they’re able to get an immediate response from your company, there’s a chance they’ll go and tell others about it. After all, word of mouth is effective, and this could bring in more potential customers in the long run. As for the latter, a help desk gives you the advantage over companies that lack one. After all, you’re able to reach, respond to, and bring in customers more quickly.

#3. Customers Can Give Useful Feedback

Another benefit of having a live answer help desk, is that in the long run, it allows you to use all customer feedback to your advantage. Remember, during the end of most chat sessions, the customer is asked if there’s anything else that can be done for them. Not to mention they’re often given an optional survey that asks about the satisfaction of the service. The business can use this survey feedback and any concerns to not only improve their business, but the way they interact with their customers as well.

Between giving your customers an immediate response, improving your business reputation, and getting useful feedback from customers, these are some advantages of having a live answer help desk. Have you considered using one for your business? For more information, feel free to contact us today at SystemsNet. We look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you in the best way possible.

How Businesses Benefit with Access to a Live Answer Help Desk


SystemsNet offers businesses the ability to call in anytime of the night or day for support

Technology has opened up many opportunities for businesses, yet it’s also created more complexity in day-to-day workflows. Just about every department and function within a modern business relies on some form of technology, making efficient management of these systems imperative. Inevitably, questions and problems will arise, which leads us into our topic: how businesses benefit with access to a live answer help desk.


Local or Remote MSP

The scope and scale of technology will differ for each business, yet even a simple brick and mortar retail business will find a live answer help desk vitally useful at times. This live answer help desk connects businesses with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), either remotely or locally. SystemsNet, for instance, is located in Horsham, PA, offering on-site services to the tri-state area, including: Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties – and offering remote services across the country.

Each business’s IT needs are different, which will dictate whether they want to partner with a local or remote MSP. When it comes to having access to a live answer help desk, many issues can be resolved remotely through walk through answers/ instructions, or with remote access to systems. Partnering with a local MSP does offer the ability to ask for on-site services when remote help isn’t enough to solve the issue.

Continuous Support Anytime

SystemsNet offers businesses the ability to call in anytime of the night or day, in order to get IT help from a live technician with expertise; the live answer help desk will either be immediately available or within 2 minutes time. Continuous support 24/7/365 is vital when it comes to IT support, considering problems and questions are just as likely to occur during off-hour times.

The Practicality of IT Support

When it comes down to it, businesses can’t afford their IT systems breaking down or collapsing, so ensuring there’s proper support to keep them going continuously and smoothly is essential. SystemsNet maintains a diverse staff with technical expertise in many different applications and systems; network specialists, application developers, system administrators, and consultants are available to help businesses with products from popular industry leaders.

Access, anytime, to live IT support is helpful for remote clients in different time zones as well, because they may have a question or issue during their business hours. Whether local or remote, clients will benefit from having access to live answer IT support for: network troubleshooting, software installation, spam filtering, technical advice, and any other IT support need.

In this modern world, this is a practical need for any business using IT systems. The need for robust cybersecurity, maintenance, upgrades, and understanding complex back-end issues with software and hardware, all make the case for the practicality of having access to a live answer help desk.

As Needed IT Services and Support Partner

When partnering with SystemsNet, businesses will have access to as needed IT support. Being able to call our live answer help desk anytime, gives businesses the IT support needed to augment their internal IT teams or be a more comprehensive IT services provider. Either way, the cost structure is as needed, which means there’s no superfluous expenses.


Technology has become integral in modern businesses for day-to-day operations, which can either work for or against them. Security, compliance, inefficiencies, and maintenance issues can all become impediments to productivity and, even, cause total shut down. Many times preventative maintenance or timely information can thwart unwanted IT interruptions, which makes a good case for businesses to partner with a local or remote MSP.

Partnering with SystemsNet for a live answer help desk gives businesses peace of mind, knowing they have IT expertise only a phone call away 24/7. They’ll also gain a trusted consultant for popular and innovative software and hardware solutions if needed.

SMBs don’t have to risk IT issues or put up with inefficiencies because they have a limited IT department, instead they can partner with SystemsNet and get the answers needed through a live answer help desk. If interested in learning more please contact us today.