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What Your Customers Get From an IT Help Desk

Smiling business woman working an IT help desk

No one likes using chat wizards when they have a problem, it’s frustrating

Providing great software is no longer enough to stay competitive in the modern online business culture. Between mobile apps and the full-funnel experience, any kind of technical problem can cause you to lose leads and frustrate customers who might otherwise glide smoothly through purchase after purchase. Incorporating an IT help desk is a great strategic decision for a growing company for the simple benefit of helping your customers use the website and mobile app as intended.

While this may sound small, to customers it can matter a great deal. Let’s take a closer look at the top four things that an IT Help Desk can bring to your customer experience.

A Human Answer to Frustrating Problems

When a website or mobile app doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, customers get frustrated quickly. It only takes one or two extra clicks, waiting for the site to respond or load, before the situation feels completely ridiculous. For most customers, the first place they go is the help center, or even the chatbot in the corner. With an IT Help Desk on the job, a real human will be ready and waiting to take their question.

Talking to a real person immediately relieves some of the tension, especially when followed up with compassionate help. Whether it’s a login issue or a payment card error, a real human on the other end of the chatbox means a lot to customers when they need assistance.

Assistance Completing Purchases

Purchase completion is one of the most frequent sources of customer technical issues. This is because so many different exchanges are required to complete a purchase. They may not be able to save their address, their card may not be accepted even though it works for them everywhere else. Frustration during the checkout phase leads to cart abandonment unless customers have somewhere fast and helpful to turn to.

An IT help desk integrated into your website is the best possible way to save sales that are stopped by technical difficulties. In fact, you can even create triggers to alert a help desk team member if someone has reloaded or attempted to edit a payment page several times in a row. Offering and providing help in this critical moment can significantly reduce your instances of abandoned carts and lost customers.

Mobile App Support

If your business has a customer mobile app, an IT Help Desk team is even more important. Many modern consumers do everything through their phones and prefer to interact with apps over websites in most cases. These users are also familiar with the ability to quickly chat with or call a help desk and will assume this is an option for your app even if you don’t yet have help desk support.

A help desk can make sure that users of your mobile app are always able to use the features they love and troubleshoot problems in real time. You can even find and fix any bugs in your mobile app quickly because users have a friendly place to send reports. Which takes us to the final point:

Having Problems Solved Immediately

Bugs in websites and mobile apps can’t always be fixed immediately, but an IT Help Desk is the key to helping customers outside the bounds of the software. Solutions can be manually implemented for customers, and then long-term fixes can be worked into future updates of the software. An IT Help Desk is essential for making sure customers get the service they need, even in cases where that doesn’t work exactly right with the website or mobile app.

So what can an IT Help Desk do for your customers? They can provide real-time solutions, human assistance in frustrating problems, save purchases from technical difficulties, and provide support to mobile users. This is something any growing brand needs to consider providing in order to remain competitive and keep customers happy. For more on how to implement a great IT Help Desk for your customers, contact us today!

Improving Your Live Answer Help Desk


There is always room for improvement when it comes to customer interaction and support

In the industry, businesses are always looking for new ways to reach out to their customers. With the advancements in technology, for example, more businesses are becoming virtual, and have even resorted to using social media as an outlet. Websites like Facebook, have become a great business tool for many companies. Aside from being able to share unique video content, it’s also a place where you can build a large audience. Through the use of feedback and online surveys, you get to know everyone’s likes and dislikes, among other things.

With that said, what are some other ways businesses are reaching out to their customers? In today’s age of fast paced tech, many companies now use a live answer help desk. A great way to interact with your customers, one of its greatest benefits, is how instantaneous it is. Many of us want the answers to our questions now, and a help desk gets you in touch with someone right off the bat. No longer do you have to call a business and wait twenty minutes for a representative.

However, as useful as help desks have been in the workplace, are businesses really using them to their fullest potential? Perhaps some companies only know the basics of it. After all, there’s always room for improvement, no matter how skilled you think you are. What are some ways you can make better use of your help desk, especially when interacting with customers? Overall, here are some things to consider.

#1. Show Personality When Chatting

When you’re chatting with a customer via the help desk, he/she can’t see your face. With that said, use it as an opportunity to show some personality. Also, avoid saying anything which might come off as unintentionally rude or off-putting. When it comes to online communication, a major deciding factor has always been whether we see the other person’s face. Take social media, for example. Many conversations are taken out of content because the dialogue or humor doesn’t translate well through text. Going back to the personality aspect, be sure you’re not responding to the customer in a robotic way. Many questions are certainly scripted in nature, but remember that as humans beings, we’re social creatures. Your customer will appreciate it when they feel like they’re talking to a human being.

#2. Determine The Best Hours

Another way to improve your live answer help desk, is by determining the hours that your customers will be most active. Remember, the customers don’t always have to come to you. If anything, try engaging them first. For example, if you notice one of your customers browsing the business site, feel free to engage them and even ask if there’s anything you can do to help. Many customers appreciate it when you come to them, because you’re showing interest in their curiosity. As I mentioned earlier, though, determine the best hours for engaging them. For example, try engaging your customers shortly after the business opens, and when everyone’s ready to start their day.

#3. Train Your Employees

Lastly, one of the best ways to improve your live answer help desk, is by training your employees. After all, they’re the ones who will be interacting with all the customers. What’s important to remember when training them, though, is that their interactions with potential customers will generally be different than if they were speaking to a customer in person. Be sure to remember that there’s a barrier of communication when live chat is involved. For example, tone and expression are a large part of communication, but all that is lost during live chat. After all, the only thing you and the customer see are boxes of dialogue. Make sure your employees know the difference between how to handle a customer face-to-face, and how to do so via chat.

For more information about ways in which you can improve your live answer help desk, feel free to contact us today at SystemsNet. We look forward to hearing from you, and assisting you in the best way possible.

How Businesses Benefit with Access to a Live Answer Help Desk


SystemsNet offers businesses the ability to call in anytime of the night or day for support

Technology has opened up many opportunities for businesses, yet it’s also created more complexity in day-to-day workflows. Just about every department and function within a modern business relies on some form of technology, making efficient management of these systems imperative. Inevitably, questions and problems will arise, which leads us into our topic: how businesses benefit with access to a live answer help desk.


Local or Remote MSP

The scope and scale of technology will differ for each business, yet even a simple brick and mortar retail business will find a live answer help desk vitally useful at times. This live answer help desk connects businesses with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), either remotely or locally. SystemsNet, for instance, is located in Horsham, PA, offering on-site services to the tri-state area, including: Berks, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Lancaster, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties – and offering remote services across the country.

Each business’s IT needs are different, which will dictate whether they want to partner with a local or remote MSP. When it comes to having access to a live answer help desk, many issues can be resolved remotely through walk through answers/ instructions, or with remote access to systems. Partnering with a local MSP does offer the ability to ask for on-site services when remote help isn’t enough to solve the issue.

Continuous Support Anytime

SystemsNet offers businesses the ability to call in anytime of the night or day, in order to get IT help from a live technician with expertise; the live answer help desk will either be immediately available or within 2 minutes time. Continuous support 24/7/365 is vital when it comes to IT support, considering problems and questions are just as likely to occur during off-hour times.

The Practicality of IT Support

When it comes down to it, businesses can’t afford their IT systems breaking down or collapsing, so ensuring there’s proper support to keep them going continuously and smoothly is essential. SystemsNet maintains a diverse staff with technical expertise in many different applications and systems; network specialists, application developers, system administrators, and consultants are available to help businesses with products from popular industry leaders.

Access, anytime, to live IT support is helpful for remote clients in different time zones as well, because they may have a question or issue during their business hours. Whether local or remote, clients will benefit from having access to live answer IT support for: network troubleshooting, software installation, spam filtering, technical advice, and any other IT support need.

In this modern world, this is a practical need for any business using IT systems. The need for robust cybersecurity, maintenance, upgrades, and understanding complex back-end issues with software and hardware, all make the case for the practicality of having access to a live answer help desk.

As Needed IT Services and Support Partner

When partnering with SystemsNet, businesses will have access to as needed IT support. Being able to call our live answer help desk anytime, gives businesses the IT support needed to augment their internal IT teams or be a more comprehensive IT services provider. Either way, the cost structure is as needed, which means there’s no superfluous expenses.


Technology has become integral in modern businesses for day-to-day operations, which can either work for or against them. Security, compliance, inefficiencies, and maintenance issues can all become impediments to productivity and, even, cause total shut down. Many times preventative maintenance or timely information can thwart unwanted IT interruptions, which makes a good case for businesses to partner with a local or remote MSP.

Partnering with SystemsNet for a live answer help desk gives businesses peace of mind, knowing they have IT expertise only a phone call away 24/7. They’ll also gain a trusted consultant for popular and innovative software and hardware solutions if needed.

SMBs don’t have to risk IT issues or put up with inefficiencies because they have a limited IT department, instead they can partner with SystemsNet and get the answers needed through a live answer help desk. If interested in learning more please contact us today.