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Ways to make your IT help desk more efficient


Your first stop to ensuring better service

While all departments in an organization work together towards a designated goal, the IT help desk is a crucial part of any organization. Depending on an organization line of work, the help desk and the Tech support form one unit or you can separate the two as well. However, in this case, we look at the help desk, and IT support as a single unit.

Help desk, is the first place a customer will stop to report any issue with a product from the company that is faulty. The response of the help desk personnel is fundamental in fostering good relationship between the customer and the organization for future business.

Ability to solve problems is essential for IT help desk personnel, since it is the first line of defense, when it comes to handling customer issues. The approach that help desk takes in resolving customer issues determines the growth of your organization or its fall. So, what are the tips to incorporate into such a platform to achieve customer satisfaction?

Assess and evaluate the problem level

Customer issues vary in urgency and complexity. The ability to assess and determine complexity of the issue presented by a customer, allows you to give correct guideline on resolving it. For complex and technical matters, you can refer the client to the most competent person in that area.

One wrong move on the help desk like trying to fix technical issues that you are not capable of handling, can backfire and make the issue worse. Hence, compromising help desk’s reputation and the organization as a whole.

Knowing the magnitude of the problem not only makes you an effective IT help desk professional, but it also allows you to give accurate guidelines to customers. Some issues do not need tech support to resolve. Knowledge of such solutions as video tutorials to refer to, is a bonus.

Gauge the customer’s technical know-how level

When it comes to tech savvy abilities, not everyone has the gift. You should first gauge and assess the expertise of the client before delving on the steps to resolving an issue. You should realize that what looks like a simple fix to you, becomes a tough aspect to understand for those without any knowledge on tech issue.

For a customer who is tech savvy, conversation becomes easy, and they will figure out things more quickly than those who don’t have the knowledge. Gauging the level of the know-how of the client determines the directions to give to resolve the issue.

Check for previous support tickets  

It’s common for customers to encounter similar technical problems when handling various gadgets.  Checking for previous support tickets from the customer gives you an upper hand on the issue.

With previous records, it will make it easy to resolve each client’s issues fast and more efficiently, since notes available, provide details on problems addressed. That means that you do not have to do full screening, since you already know the areas that need maintenance and checking.

Use of previous support tickets gives useful clues on the issue at hand and helps you fast-track the stages of resolution, to refer the customer to the right personnel. Quick response not only increases efficiency, but it also leads to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Being the first stop a customer makes, help desk means a lot to the organization. The implication is that a lot of time and resources are instrumental in making IT help desk the best department in the company for a greater good. That will ensure better service to customers and an increase in productivity at all levels of your business. Call us now for more information.

Microsoft Product Releases: Visual Studio 2017 Was Released In March


Visual Studio 2017 gives you the depth of capabilities you need to create outstanding solutions

Microsoft recently launched another application development tool, Visual Studio 2017. Microsoft first introduced the application development tool in 1997, and the company has continued to introduce a versatile and flexible toolkit that is unlike any other in the industry.

Visual Studio 2017 gives a programmer the depth of capabilities he or she needs to create outstanding solutions for their business. Visual Studio 2017 includes more developer activities than it ever has, and the latest features are more focused on improving productivity, streamlining the development, and improving mobile development.

Here are some of the high-level improvements that have been made in Visual Studio 2017:

Improved Productivity

For Visual Studio 2017, Microsoft did not just focus on the cloud, mobility, and development capabilities. Microsoft also focused on improving the performance and productivity experiences that programmers would obtain from using Visual Studio 2017. When you use Visual Studio 2017, you will experience a faster start time, it will use less memory than it has before, and it will be more responsive.

Multiple Accounts

Visual Studio has introduced a new service that will allow you to share your user accounts across various platforms. Another great improvement in Visual Studio 2017 is that you will be able to stay logged into those accounts longer. You will not be asked to sign into your account again after 12 hours.

Extension Manager

You will find it easier to manage your extensions because you will have the Roaming Extensions Manager. The Roaming Extension Manager will be able to keep track of all of your extensions. When you want to see a full list of your extensions, you can click the Tools option, go to Extensions & Updates, and then go to the Roaming Extension Manager. The Roaming Extension Manager will keep track of all of your extensions, but you will have the ability to choose the extensions you want to add to the list.

Improvements In Performance

The new Visual Studio makes it easier, faster, and better for you to install the features you will need. When you need to use certain features, you will be able to use them immediately once they have been installed. One of the most important changes you will see when you install Visual Studio 2017 for the first time is the experience when it comes to the setup.

How Long Will It Take To Load?

When you are working on solutions that require you to have a large number of projects at one time, this does not mean you will have to use all the files at the same time. You will have the ability to edit the files without waiting for Visual Studio 2017 to load for every project.

Mobile Application Development

When you use Visual Studio 2017, you will be able to be more innovative. You will also be able to get more results faster. With Visual Studio 2017, you will be able to go mobile with your current teams. When you make investments in technology and new equipment, Visual Studio 2017 will allow you to go mobile with those investments. If you want to deliver a first-class consumer experience when it comes to mobility, Visual Studio 2017 is the tool for you.

It does not matter if you want to use Visual Studio 2017 to build something for the Web, mobile, cloud, etc. It does not matter if you are building something for educational purposes, healthcare purposes, government, etc., Visual Studio 2017 will have everything you need, in every language, on any device, and on any platform.

Are you interested in learning more about Visual Studio 2017 and other Microsoft product releases? Do not hesitate to contact us today for additional information on recently released or future Microsoft product releases.

The Do’s Of An IT Help Desk


Professional help desk team ready to deliver outstanding customer service

Can you think of a recent time when you needed the help of a customer service representative and the service you received was horrible? We are sure you can because it is very easy to remember a bad customer service experience.

Many people probably talk more about their bad customer service experience than they do their good experiences. When someone has a bad customer experience, that moment will do a significant amount of damage. The bad moments certainly stand out more when people talk about customer service experiences.

It is important to go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to customer service. When a customer service agent goes the extra mile to help a customer, you will be pleased with the number of satisfied customers who leave you good reviews and send other customers your way.

We all know that people do not have a good day every single day of the week. Customer service agents cannot please every single person that calls for help. It is very important that you do everything it takes to deliver outstanding customer service when people call your IT help desk.

Be Professional

We know that it can be difficult talking to people when they are upset and frustrated. It does not matter how rude and unprofessional customers may be, you should never let those things get the best of you. The person on the other end is speaking on behalf of himself or herself, but as an IT help desk agent, you will be representing your entire business. How do you want to represent your business?

Make It Easy

When people call a customer service number, they do not like to be on hold for a long period of time. People do not like to follow complex rules, they do not like being transferred to multiple departments, and they do not like to deal with an IT help desk that employees untrained people. If customers are constantly dealing with issues from an IT help desk, they will eventually switch their services to another company.

Say What You Mean And Mean What You Say

No one likes dealing with companies that like to use tricks and loopholes to avoid honoring their company policies. Customer service agents should not just simply choose to honor the policies and guidelines that have been established by their company. This can be very damaging to a company’s reputation, and it can result in the loss of major sales in the future.

It is important that every company builds a great culture of customer service experiences. It is important now, probably more than ever, that customers feel as if they are valued and appreciated for their services. It does not matter what department employees are in, great customer service experiences are important. From the front desk to the back of the IT department, everyone should know how to get every customer the help they need.

For any company, it is important to understand the impact that your business has on people. When you interact with people, it is important that you always know that those interactions can have a positive or negative on your business. When your company has the passion for helping a customer in need, your company will have a great reputation that will be extended across the world.

When you think about your business, do you believe you are giving everyone the positive IT help desk experience they deserve? If you do not think so, you should know that there are other options available for you. Contact us today for more information on how an effective IT help desk can positively impact your business.