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The Importance of Using Datto SaaS Protection for Your Office 365 Data

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Protecting your business against cybersecurity risks.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had saviors that would protect your cloud-based data from any and every form of disaster imaginable? I know, I’d love it too.

Most businesses employ Office 365 data and look to enjoy its flexibility for productivity. But the truth is that most SaaS applications can’t protect themselves. The best way to keep a high-performance cloud online is to use the right combination of technology and proven backup practices.

It would help if you had the protection of online sensitive and vital data through Datto SaaS for your Office 365 Data. Datto SaaS protection provides thorough recovery and backup for Microsoft 365.

Some of the areas in which  it is effective include OneDrive, SharePoint, Calendar, protection for exchange, teams’ data. And it ensures three times daily backups with easy restore alternatives.

Datto does a lot more than offer Office 365 Backup, though. Let’s learn its ropes:

What Is SaaS Backup?

SaaS is a centrally hosted software licensing and can be accessed through a subscription. It is also called on-demand software. SaaS is designed to store and protect data.

The software is available through a third-party supplier, and in case of cloud storage failure, a solution for data recovery is recommended. And this is where Datto SaaS protection comes in to restore data to an applicable state.

How Does Datto Help with SaaS Protection?

Cyber threats are prevalent. According to the FBI, phishing sites created in 2020 were 6.95 million. It means the risk is present and keeps escalating. Now, you need Datto to be safe, but how does it work?

  • Datto allows MSPs—a third group company that distantly manages a customer IT system to gain access, control, and protect Google Workspace data and Microsoft 365.
  • It has a faster way of accessing lost data and restores easily through granular, point-in-time, and non-destructive restores.
  • Datto has automated point-in-time SaaS, ensuring every update made on your Microsoft 365 is captured. Besides, there’s an outside backup copy of data aside from SaaS servers.
  • Datto protects all tools, including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Google Drive.

Benefits of Datto SaaS Protection

Datto is an excellent choice for your business to scale. Here are some of its benefits:

Reliable Data Backup for Microsoft 365

As mentioned, SaaS alone is not enough for data safety in your business. It is easy to lose years of hard work in a flash. But Datto is reliable to secure lost data fast and protects from loss through its disaster recovery tools.

Protection Against Cybersecurity Risk

Datto SaaS Protection is designed to run in the background to prevent horrible events like cyberattacks from ever happening to your business.

It has features that make the SaaS line of defense effective in curbing cyber-attack cases. For this reason, client data is secure, and delivery of exceptional business is possible for the company to prosper.

Easy to Use

Datto’s backend set-up is easy. The package comes with straightforward instructions. Moreover, with the default recovery settings set up, it’s easy to explain to the client to manage independently.

Do you want to find out the cost of each account, Datto offers a flexible way of dealing with that too!

Low Investment Cost

Based on the value Datto SaaS protection offers, the cost is low. Datto has an option to scan across multiple clients for threats in one environment, and it can integrate with your existing set of tools. Plus, other provisions, this is way too much value at a low fee.

Powered by award-winning experts and limitless cloud, Datto provides the only SaaS protection that is hyper-converged, hyper-portable, and hyper-automated to ensure that your data is always protected – no matter where it lives. Businesses using the Office 365 platform need to incorporate some backup, and from a feature and cost perspective, Datto SaaS protection is the way to go for their business.

When you are ready to learn more about this product and implement it in your organization, do not hesitate to contact us at SystemsNet to handle your installation.

How Does VoIP Differ from Regular Office Phone Number?

Close-up shot of an employee's hand pressing buttons on its VoIP phone system.

Easy communication methods within the company and with third-party entities

Does your organization utilize an office phone number for SMS/MMS text messages? In this case, you need to understand how it affects your organization. Everything is becoming digitalized, and so are communication methods. Many businesses are replacing text-based communication forms with modern technology. Nowadays, businesses prefer VoIP systems to connect with employees, vendors, and customers. VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a type of Internet phone service. If your system has a good Internet connection, you can reap the benefits of VoIP. Using this method of communication, you can improve the way you communicate. It will ease communication within the company and with third-party entities. Let’s have a look at a few features of VoIP.

  • Remote Calling Ability

If you have multiple offices, VoIP can help you in many ways. The system’s remote calling ability will help you transfer the incoming calls. With such a system in your office environment, you can offer excellent customer service. You can connect the customer with your local office team. Thus, it ensures that you get the best benefits from an affordable investment.

  • Auto-Call Recording Facility

Thanks to the auto-call recording facility of VoIP, it’s easy to record calls. When you record conversations, it will help you deliver the right services. But how? VoIP offers a facility by which you can organize recorded calls. By placing them in the searchable indexes, it will help your company to review the calls later.

  • Enhanced Mobility 

If your business relies on mobility, you can prefer VoIP over traditional methods. The reason is that it relies on the Internet. Instead of a grounded phone, it will help you unplug the IP phone according to your needs. It will still work when you shift the IP phone from one place to another. Thus, it ensures that your work never ends if you demand flexibility.

Still on the fence about why you should choose VoIP? Fret no more; here is the list of perks that the modern system offers. Check out!

Perks Of Using VoIP – Voice Over Internet Protocol

Many modern businesses are replacing traditional phone systems with VoIP. The reason behind this is simple – the multitude of benefits.

  • Reliable Solution

VOIP is a highly reliable solution as it works on Internet access. Until and unless you have Internet access, you have access to phone lines. However, this isn’t true in the case of landlines and other traditional methods. By choosing VoIP, you get access to reliable and functional solutions.

  • Affordable Choice

When compared to traditional phone services, VoIP is affordable. You don’t need to access any additional infrastructure for deployment. What’s more, it is light in weight and therefore costs less extra. You don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket with VoIP systems.

  • Highly Functional 

VOIP is exceptionally functional and comes with plenty of features. The reason is that the service is digital and offers plenty of benefits. The unique features of VoIP will offer you a high return on investment.

Pick VoIP To Enhance Your Business Efficiency 

If you’re looking to add VoIP systems to your business, look no further than SystemsNet. When you choose VoIP services through SystemsNet, you get additional features too. Your employees will get access to SMS and MMS text messages functions. They can send messages via VoIP without using their personal cell phones. So, are you ready to implement VoIP in your organization? Contact SystemsNet to handle the task of installation. Even if you wish to know more about SystemsNet VoIP services, we would love to answer. Get in touch today to get rid of traditional communication methods!