We’ll manage your hardware infrastructure. Proactively. We’ll monitor your existing systems and, when it’s time, help you migrate to better ones. Along the way, we’ll provide support and repair services on a time and material basis whenever you need it. We’ll also include a monthly comprehensive report on the health of your network.

»Vita Plus

We won’t just monitor your systems, we’ll actually manage them; providing both help desk support and remote repair when you need it.

»Vita Pro

This is IT for professionals. We’ll give you a fresh look at your systems, inventorying your entire infrastructure. From remote connectivity to backup disaster recovery, preventative maintenance to help desk ticketing and everything in between. We’ll let you know what’s working and what’s not. What needs your immediate attention and what you need to do down the road. And, if you need help desk support, on-site visits or emergency service, you’ve got it.

Our tiered package services: Vita, Vita Plus, Vita Pro