How Alexa Integrations Can Improve YourAct! CRM’s User Experience

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Would AI help you in your daily tasks?

CRMs don’t just organize customer trajectories or automate workflows. Your company’s CRM is also a resource of information that everyone in your company needs to do their jobs. Whether a salesperson needs to know a customer’s preferred name, a financial manager needs to know the threshold for approving a certain discount, or your contracts team needs to know when a customer’s renewal date is, that information needs to be easy to access.

The problem is that the database might be hard to comb through. Alexa can help when you have an Act! CRM. Here’s how.

Multitask without flipping through tabs.

When you’re in the middle of a critical email or a ticket, the last thing you want to do is interrupt what you’re doing to go search for details across multiple open tabs. Instead of stopping to search for a customer name or an internal phone number, ask Alexa and keep going with your train of thought. Act! CRM is now enabled with Ask Act! functionality so Alexa can deliver the exact answer you’re looking for.

Task switching is one of the leading time wasters in corporate settings. Even switching to your CRM and back can interrupt your productivity. So ask Alexa to get the details you need instead of pausing in the middle of a sentence.

Invite Alexa to your next meeting.

Even with video conferencing, display screens, and all of the technology companies have to make meetings easier, they can still be technologically tedious. If you’ve finally gotten your screen sharing with everyone else, it can be a headache to search for answers on recent developments without getting the whole meeting off-track.

So make sure Alexa is set up to answer questions during your next quarterly sales report or team meeting. Alexa can search across the whole Act! database to find the data you need. You can also ask her to check for recent developments that changed between when you made your reports and the actual meeting.

Make sure your CRM is accessible to all of your employees who need the information.

There’s a lot of emphasis on making buildings accessible to employees. Many ADA regulations apply to physical space, such as wide walkways, ramps, and clear signage. There are fewer regulations in place to make sure web-related resources are accessible to everyone, and job-related tools are even less regulated. But it’s important to make sure all of your employees are equipped to do their jobs.

Ask Act! lets all of your employees access customer information through another medium. Whether your employees can use the extra functionality to keep their focus clear, use the tool to minimize hand-based information-gathering, or get accurate information sightlessly, it improves their workflow. It also makes your company a better place to work.

Mobile agents and field reps can get more done out of the office.

Use voice-controlled AI doesn’t just make life easier in the office. It also gives your field sales representatives and service technicians more options to get work done throughout the day. They can confirm customer details as they walk into a meeting without having to search for them. Depending on your state’s driving laws, they can even pull up critical details while keeping their eyes on the road.

Even better, Act!’s newest versions have a mobile app powered with the same functionality as the desktop version. So your field reps can ask for information with their voice and then go into the app to make updates after each appointment or meeting.

Voice-controlled AI and tools are becoming more and more common. Adding integration with Amazon Echoes into your company’s CRM-based workflows make information-gathering easier and more accurate. It also gives your employees more options so they can deliver the best results. Go to SystemsNet to learn more about the different features Act! CRM has so you can optimize customer relationships.

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