IT Help Desk: Do You Prefer On-Site Help, or Done Remotely?

SystemsNet provides on-site help when you need it, but mostly stays remote so we don't get in the way of your workflow

SystemsNet provides on-site help when you need it, but mostly stays remote so we don’t get in the way of your workflow

The concept of the IT help desk has come a long way when you consider it’s been around for well over 30 years. You’ll even find facetious infographics online reminding you the first IT help desksĀ started in the 1980s while not necessarily making everyone’s life comfortable.

Yes, it’s true that help desks once thought of as being the sometimes stressful starting point for IT professionals. Help desks were also a confusing process for those who needed the most technical support. It’s evolved from being a service you called in for (something not changed entirely), and an on-site process.

For the former above, trying to solve a problem by phone meant plenty of downtime companies didn’t need. Help desks by phone had to take office staff step by step through issues without being there in person. With those needing help not always understanding the technology they were working with, phone support only led to more confusion.

In the case of in-person help desks, they’ve never gone away, even if some office managers find them obstructive. If you’ve ever had an IT support crew take over your computers to solve a technical issue, then you know how it can sometimes disrupt work during busy moments.

Fortunately, in the age of the cloud, this doesn’t have to happen. This isn’t to say on-site visits aren’t still done under certain circumstances. Be happy, though, that you live in an era where you now have a choice thanks to evolving technology.

Here at SystemsNet, we give you a choice through our various management and technical support packages. We’ll let you decide what kind of help desk you want and how convenient it works for your company.

On-Site Support When it’s Necessary

We only provide on-site help when there isn’t any other choice toward fixing an issue. The good news is that we take care of things as quickly as possible thanks to advances in technology. It’s increasingly unlikely you’ll have your computers tied up all day or for days. If repairs on a computer need done, we’ll take the computer with us if it becomes too much of a distraction in your office.

As your company grows, we know how important it is to have as much time to focus on your work as possible. We’re there to communicate with you and make sure any technical issues gets solved when it’s convenient rather than forcing it during the most critical times.

Remote Help Desk

Your greatest benefit today is having IT support working remotely so it doesn’t get in your way. As part of our managed services, we guarantee this while we work behind the scenes. As many remotely managed services are, monitoring and troubleshooting takes place quietly.

What you’ll appreciate more than anything is we’ll take care of issues for you without you even knowing something happened. You and your employees might notice a software issue one morning, then suddenly see it fixed within minutes before it becomes a problem.

This kind of magic is the greatness of remote managed services through expanding network space. Best of all, our remote help service doesn’t slow down your computers. When you’re working on a critical project, we’ll make sure everything is running efficiently at all times so you don’t experience dreaded downtime.

You likely know by now how losing money from downtime is the enemy of all companies today. Using preventative measures, we’ll prevent the worst technical issues from happening in the first place.

Contact us here at SystemsNet to find out more about our Help Desk service and all of our comprehensive IT services and solutions. It’s time you realized how far the help desk has come while changing your prior perceptions of what it does.

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