Unlock Remote Work Opportunities with VOIP

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In today’s new world, remote work opportunities are more common than ever.

VOIP has a great deal of benefit to offer the modern business, from affordable high-end phone services to virtual numbers that are accessible on any device. But the single most important thing that VOIP has to offer is expanding your office phone system into the phones (and hotel rooms) of distant employees. VOIP is one of the essential elements of introducing remote work to a mobilizing company culture. Remote work has a number of incredibly powerful benefits for the modern business, and not just allowing employees to occasionally spend a day working from home in their pajamas.

Hire Distant Employees

The greatest new capability of a company that introduces remote work is hiring talent outside of commuting distance. Without cloud collaboration and integration technology, remote work is very difficult for companies to manage. In many cases, businesses can only work very limitedly with contractors when remote work is needed, or the expertise of a remote professional is needed. Businesses often get job applications from people who are distant, in hopes of a remote offer or a tempting enough relocation package, and most of the time businesses must turn them down. But times are changing.

Rather than having to regretfully turn down those outside a few miles radius or asking great talent to relocate for the job, VOIP gives your business the ability to benefit from their talents. You can give remote employees the freedom to telecommute through VOIP and your other cloud collaboration software. These new highly skilled employees can enjoy a company phone number and even become a fully integrated part of the team without having to move closer to the office.

Boost Morale with Telecommuting Options

For your currently commuting staff, VOIP opens the door to allowing your team to telecommute from home to boost morale. Since the very dawn of computer work, employees have vied for the ability to telecommute and those permitted knew they were part of a small, elite, and privilege number. But cloud technology is making telecommuting ever-more possible with VOIP at the cutting edge of work-at-home integration.

For today’s professionals, staying home and telecommuting every now and then is incredibly enjoyable and feels a lot like taking a vacation at home. Employees can stay home, wear pajama bottoms, and enjoy the company of their cat while getting a full day’s work done. In fact, many businesses discover that employees who occasionally telecommute get more work done in those morale-raising days than they might in the office.

Employees Stay Home Sick and Without Taking a Sick Day

Speaking of greater productivity, remote work also introduces the possibility of sick days without sick days. VOIP makes it possible for professionals to take days away from the office without taking days off of work. When an employee comes down with something contagious, it is both courteous and more comfortable for them to keep it out of the office. This often results in lost productivity for the simple necessity not to spread the illness and not to distract coworkers with sneezes and sniffles.

Now, the option to work from home allows them to keep that illness out of the office and take care of themselves without interrupting their normal workflow. They can even be reached at the same number and share in the call hunting pool while sipping tea and not getting their colleagues sick. Colleagues and clients alike can stay in touch with employees who are home sick while keeping the office safe from spreading illness.

Flexible Work Options for New Parents

Similarly, your employees who take parental leave for a new baby or need to stay home to care for a sick child don’t have to fully tap out of work. There’s no denying that new babies need a lot of care, especially in their first year of life. But not 100% of the time needed at home actually needs to be non-productive. In fact, many parents are missing work long before their child is old enough to trust in the care of a babysitter.

Being able to work from home with VOIP means that responsible parents can log in and get some work done whenever they have a few moments. Since their job is being held for them anyway due to parental leave, this is wonderful for both professional parents and employers. All the hours where the child naps peacefully or plays quietly, parents can log in, turn on their phones, and be at work without having to physically come into the office. Recovering mothers with access to VOIP and other collaboration software often start logging hours again while they are still recovering physically and bonding with the new infant.

Accessibility for Handicapped Professionals

Remote work also provides accessibility in another way. Physically handicapped professionals often have trouble adapting a standard office to what they need to work comfortably. And businesses don’t always have the resources to provide the accommodation that a handicapped professional needs. But home offices can be highly optimized for comfort and convenience. Handicapped professionals have already spent years perfecting the chair, desk, equipment, and environment at home to accommodate their needs, and often look for remote work opportunities to take advantage of that.

In the modern age, skilled professionals with a significant handicap find it much easier to seek find the remote positions that work best for them. By introducing remote work to your policies through VOIP and other cloud software, you open up your ability to hire highly talented people who can only work comfortably when working from home.

Reliable Business Trip Connectivity

Lastly and quite interestingly, VOIP also makes business trips much smoother than they have ever been before. An entirely different style of remote work, roles that require a great deal of travel can stay connected to the internal company cloud phones. Once, traveling for business was a lonely and stressful experience. Employees were cut off for hours, sometimes even weeks at a time. Able to only get work done remotely that might be turned in at the end of the trip. With email, collaboration became possible. With cellphones, it was easier to touch base.

With VOIP, they can remain an extended part of the office culture; continuing to collaborate on projects and communicate with team members fro the same number and interface that they use every day in the office. They can stay in touch with both colleagues and clients through familiar channels. And even if their phones and devices break on the road, any computer terminal with a headset jack and high-speed internet can connect to the VOIP number.

Technology is the leading force of transformation in today’s employment culture. While the war for talent makes good professionals invaluable, technology makes it possible to connect and collaborate from anywhere. Contact us today for more insights on the mobile workforce and connecting with great professionals far and wide.

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