The Path Towards Greater Consumerization: Your IT Help Desk


A consumer-friendly IT help desk will carve the path toward a better overall user experience.

When reading about IT Help Desk trends and other tech developments, it’s easy for an IT officer to cringe, even if it’s only on the inside. In our opinion, one reason to cringe is this: the end result of implementing a new IT trend is that a company must find more tech dollars. Why is money for IT development so important? It’s a basic fact of doing business in the present IoT economy. Consumers have an endless thirst for everything to be connected to the Internet. This occurs even as consumer apps appear to have the potential to replace traditional business websites.

Breaking It Down

Whenever you launch a new platform, from an online help desk to a shopping cart solution, it is already obsolete. There is another competitor working with its own IT partner to launch something better. What has improved over time is that some trends have made it easier to upgrade existing systems without starting from scratch. Think of the greater use of open source software and the transition of more internal servers to the cloud. You can call this building microservices or developing applications that talk to legacy systems. You can call this the development of workaround IT solutions. Whatever you call it, flexibility in IT development is the name of the game. Otherwise, your company would never have enough time to enjoy a return on investment for its latest platform or software application.

The Future 

A recent Forbes article pointed to the top technology trends of 2016, and we were interested to learn about the path towards app streaming. According to Jayson Demers, “App streaming allows users to access content to apps they haven’t even downloaded yet, opening a potential door to the eventuality of apps replacing traditional websites as the central medium to gather new information.” This is a good indicator of what users will want in the future, which can even drive the ways that we deliver services to our clients.

The Background

We are IT experts who offer support to many types of organizations, usually with a focus on scalability. We can surprise our clients with our versatility, or the ability to address many types of IT needs and infrastructure gaps. We have thought about many ways to make it easier for customers to interact with our company, whether we are providing IT help desk support or fully-managed IT services. Our clients need the easiest ways to learn about the current state of their IT systems and when to give their immediate attention to any problems that we might be handling behind the scenes. Our capacity to respond with the right levels of support directly affects how our clients implement their customer service delivery models.

The Need for Strategic Thinking

As your company considers working with us, it’s important to think with a strategic mindset. You want to determine the best use of IT dollars, and often that boils down to outsourcing some IT services, especially help desk support, to an outside firm. We make it easy for your company to engage different levels of IT support based on your changing projects. With our help, you won’t have to invest in the many costs of hiring internal IT people, which we all know is more than just a salary line. We also ensure that the people who will be providing support to your employees are knowledgeable about your IT systems and capable of recommending upgrades that would make your business more efficient. We want to help you improve the consumerization of your business model without paying too much for IT development.

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