The 7 Keys to Building a Solid Network Infrastructure

An independent HVAC system and uninterruptible power supply are two crucial physical elements of your network infrastructure.

An independent HVAC system and uninterruptible power supply are two crucial physical elements of your network infrastructure.

Network infrastructure refers to the software and hardware resources of a complete network that enable network communication, connectivity, management and operations of an enterprise network. Most office intranets are like the World Wide Web, but they operate on a closed network infrastructure that is accessible to only the people within it. Network security should be the main concern when you build a network infrastructure. Below are 7 keys to building a solid network infrastructure.

Antivirus and Anti-Malware: All of your employee computers and servers should have antivirus and anti-malware prevention software to prevent hacking and shutdowns.

Run Backups: Develop a thorough backup process and adhere to it under all circumstances. You can keep multiple ones in multiple places. The layered approach provides the best data protection.

ID and Password Control: When you implement a new piece of hardware rename the local administration ID and create a strong password. Another tip is to enforce password changes periodically.

Reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply: You need a reliable UPS in case there is a power outage. This equipment connects your servers and gives them time to shut down correctly if there is a power failure.

Naming Conventions: This is a very important part of a secure infrastructure because it makes it easy to identify missing files that require restoration.

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning System: You need an independent HVAC system for your server room because if an air conditioning unit goes down in your building, a high temperature can put servers at risk.

Restoration Testing: It is a good idea to run restoration tests regularly. The process allows you to work to resolve problems immediately.

A good IT company can provide network solutions. Their highly qualified network specialists can assist you with help desk support, hardware and software support, installation and troubleshooting. They can even manage data backup storage. Details about 3 types of storage services to choose from are below.

  • Cloud backup is also known as online backup. It involves backing up data by sending a copy of it over a public or proprietary network to an off-site server. A third-party service provider usually hosts the server and charges you a fee based on the number of users, bandwidth or capacity. Most online backup systems are built around a client software application.
  • Network-Attached Storage utilizes a standard Ethernet connection to provide network nodes with file-based shared storage services. Most NAS devices do not have a keyboard or display. Each NAS resides on the LAN as an independent network node with a unique IP address. The advantage of this type of storage is its ability to provide several clients on the network with access to the same files.
  • Business Continuity Device storage is used to prepare for unforeseen risks to continued operations and is related to Disaster Recovery. Both of them refer to the procedures and processes your organization must put in place to guarantee that critical functions can continue after emergencies. This type of storage focuses on long-term or chronic challenges to your company‚Äôs success. It is designed to revive your network fast and get your employees back to being productive. It works automatically to back up your vital information as often as every 15 minutes. Files can be restored in about 30 minutes or it can take over as a virtual server to resume operations. Business continuity planning is a comprehensive approach to making sure you can continue to generate profits after anything from small disruptions to natural calamities.

Contact a network solutions service provider to request a consultation regarding network infrastructure and data security. The certified consultants are well-trained and knowledgeable about the latest products and can assist you with selecting the right software and hardware.

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