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Removing SAVEfiles Virus and Others with Webroot

Hands on a keyboard removing SAVEfiles virus with Webroot

Protecting workstations and servers is critical in preventing downtime

SAVEfiles is a recent high-profile web virus making its rounds on the internet. It is attacking Windows based computers, workstations and servers with the goal of locking out the user and encrypting key files through AES and RSA algorithms. The hackers demand a ransom (in the form of Bitcoin) in order to restore full service. Like the WannaCry virus before it, this is a dangerous malware that should be avoided at all costs. In the case that it has infiltrated your system, there are a few things to know.


First and foremost, users should not under any circumstances actually send the funds to the hackers. Most likely the scammers will not send the encryption key and the victim will simply be out his or her money with no result.

Secondly, even if the hackers send the encryption key, it will most likely be located on another malicious server location. Accessing that server may allow your computer to download or access additional malware. That malware could spread to other people in your network or simply lock additional files on your computer. So it is ideal to avoid this result.

Next, use reimage repair to start over from the beginning with your Windows system. That detects the ransomware and helps to restart and avoid the malware. Finally, use a high quality anti virus tool like Webroot to eliminate the malicious software and free yourself of the damage.

Anti-Virus Tools

In order to solve this dilemma, the best thing to do is apply a Webroot Anti-virus tool. It is an evolution of the well-known Spy Sweeper product. It has a handy “fix it now” feature that does not require the user to do anything but click the button to resolve the problem. At that point, the software will search the entire system for foreign, unauthorized files and eliminate them.

Webroot has a vast library of potential viruses that it can knock out with ease. Additionally, it can detect new files that enter the system if they are not authorized. It will then eliminate those after the user authorizes it.

Webroot has one the Virus Bulletin certification for excellence four times. ICSA labs has also certified it as a dependable anti virus solution for computers and servers. For this reason, many people are willing to rely on it to fix their systems.

The Webroot version 7.0 is the most impressive release yet. This version has much better user interface design. It also divides messages into “Green”, “Yellow” and “Red” so that it is very simple to prioritize. Green means that the system is clear, yellow messages are warnings and red messages indicate a virus must be removed. It also offers automatic periodic scans that are either Quick Sweeps or Full Sweeps.

Other Actions

In the future, there several additional security steps you may take. Firstly, you can purchase a USB stick and keep sensitive files in this device offline. Additionally, you may keep redundant files in different locations on the cloud. That way, if your device is compromised you still can access the important files from another device.

Of course, don’t click on suspicious links or download software from unverified sources. These are the most common sources of viruses online.

Make sure to change passwords every so often so that if the device is compromised once, it won’t continue to be compromised.  Network admins should make sure to have different passwords and authentications for different levels of the network as well.

Get Started

Webroot Antivirus is a leading provider of antivirus tools. They have helped large and small companies attack malicious software and prevent it from infecting an entire network. For more information, please contact us.

How Can Managed Service Provider (MSP) Help Your SMB?

Corporate Manager Pushing MANAGED SERVICES

Do you have a team of engineers to tackle your next problem?

Many small businesses and medium-sized businesses have to make the decision to seek help from local specialists and experts to help them solve various problems on an impromptu basis. The lack of clarity with the “fix it when it breaks” model can be very damaging to a promising business. Furthermore, this type of model does not provide the necessary functions an up-and-coming business will need, including the following:

  • disaster recovery
  • IT management
  • network security
  • applications management

If your small business is currently operating under a model that lacks the necessary expertise and key functions, this will likely mean you are falling behind due to the push towards mobility, the use of cloud applications, and operating in a complex business industry.

Where Can Managed Services Help Your Business?

A Managed Service Provider will have the necessary tools and experience to solve any issues you may be having, and any issues that may arise in the future. A Managed Service Provider(MSP) will take care of the main responsibilities of your business and allow your employees to focus on other key business operations.

A Managed IT Service provider will also allow a small business or medium-sized business to perform better even with fewer resources. A Managed Service Provider(MSP) will regularly evaluate your business’s IT infrastructure and the current network. The MSP will also perform repair and maintenance activities remotely, and this will include upgrades and updates.

Not only will the right Managed Service Provider(MSP) partner provide you with the proper protection if something breaks or fails. With the assistance of the right MSP partner and expanded availability, your small or medium-sized business will less likely experience any interruptions or downtime. Your SMB can also avoid employing more in-house IT workers as your business grows because the right MSP will provide you with the workforce your growing business will need.

You may need managed service to manage some of your basic technical needs or you may want to outsource the entirety of your business technology and IT infrastructure. The majority of MSPs will have a pay-as-you-go plan, and this means you will be able to get the services you need without breaking the bank. You can choose a plan that will align with your business needs and requirements.

Productivity Increase

When you partner with a Managed Service Provider, you can expect your business processes and systems to be simplified. A managed service provider will take on issues that come to light because of technology. How can a Managed Service Provider(MSP) take on these issues? An MSP will be able to successfully fight these issues through the use of monitoring and experience. Even before issues come to light, an MSP will be able to uncover the problems, carefully plan for them, and prevent them from becoming worse through all the elements of a managed service plan.

Reduce Downtime

An MSP is able to do more than uncover issues and track them; it can also predict how big of a threat each event may be. When an MSP is able to predict how dangerous an event may be, this will allow them to use a strategy that will prevent it from occurring in the first place. This means your SMB will be able to continue running with no interruptions.

Someone On Your Side 24/7

How much would you like having instant access to IT professionals and experts on a 24/7 basis? An MSP will not only give your business access to IT professionals, but your business will also have access to the following:

  • virus protection
  • firewall protection
  • infrastructure management
  • internet monitoring
  • disaster recovery

An MSP will have everything you need when it comes to monitoring and managing your IT needs. An MSP will also address any problems you are having, keep your business data safe, and ensure your business operation is functioning as it should be.

Are you ready to have an IT plan that will be a perfect fit for your business? Please do not hesitate to contact us today for more information on Managed Service Providers(MSPs).

How Extensive is Malware in Today’s Business World? The Realities, and the Best Protection

Malware is becoming increasingly prevalent in this digital age, but that doesn't mean you need to become a victim.

Malware is becoming increasingly prevalent in this digital age, but that doesn’t mean you need to become a victim.

The word malware is an old term that probably makes you bristle whenever you hear it. You’ve likely heard the term used often ever since you’ve been on the Internet, and possibly close to 20 years. In those last two decades, malware went from something only the careless ended up getting on their computers to everyone getting it, even when taking precautions.

This doesn’t negate the reality it’s still preventable. What the real problem is involves not having proper managed services in place for expert preventative measures. When you’re on your own trying to stop malware, you’ll be tempted to skimp on real security just to save money.

It’s then when you place yourself at a higher risk based purely on complacency just because nothing happened before. Once it does happen, it can instigate downtime costing you more money than you think, sometimes enough to put you into bankruptcy.

The reality is, malware is a daily problem that’s only growing more troublesome because of its ubiquitous nature and how it’s fooling companies. Far too many types of malware are out there that come in emails looking eerily real. When someone clicks on a link they think is legit, it’s already too late.

Take a look at what’s really going on in the world of malware lately, what effect it’s having, and what you can do to prevent it. At the very least, you should see what tools are available to at least get you back on your feet if malware still hits you.

Malware in Apps

You’re starting to see an increase in malware getting into popular apps available on prominent app stores. Most recently, an Android malware ended up on Google Play and into an intelligence app (ironically) that infected multiple thousands of people in the process. It was an example of how something looking so innocuous in a prominent place is just as vulnerable as anywhere else.

What makes this malware especially bad is it stays on many mobile devices even after the infected app gets uninstalled. As a result, it poses a new problem for malware becoming more prolific in the app world and possibly beginning to infect more mobile devices across the country.

However, the above is only the beginning in malware infiltrating various tech devices worldwide.

Malware in Routers

A recent report shows that a new type of malware once thought theoretical suddenly infected routers made by Cisco. Found in several different countries, it shows you how global malware is. You can also see how malware can technically get into any device, which could cripple your company if infecting something you wouldn’t expect like a router.

Even worse is a type of malware that completely hijacks your computer to a point where your business could shut down for weeks.

Ransomware as the Worst Type of Malware

Arguably, ransomware is the worst malware currently in existence because it so easily fools people in emails and ends up hijacking your systems until you pay a ransom. Even after paying ransoms, businesses don’t always get their systems unlocked, though some lucky few do.

Wired recently did a detailed piece on ransomware and how you can avoid it. They reiterate as we do here at SystemsNet: Good managed services matter in how well you protect yourself.

With our managed services, you have everything you need and done remotely so it doesn’t get in your way. You’ll have complete protection from viruses, malware, plus remote IT support whenever it’s needed.

Contact us to find out more about our comprehensive IT services and how you can get protected from the encroaching threats of malware.

“Good Morning IT, I think I lost my phone” Avoid the worry when situations like this arise

Where did I have my phone last?

Where did I have my phone last?

It’s a Monday morning and this is your first phone call: “Good Morning, I think I lost my phone over the weekend. It has all my corporate email including patient information, on the device. I’ve looked everywhere for it.” What’s the first thing IT will do? Wipe the device in order to protect corporate data to avoid a data security breach.

Now it is Tuesday morning and that same employee calls, “Good Morning, I found my phone under the couch. Can you restore it? I have a video of my daughter’s first steps on there.” Too late—there is no way to get that data back. Now you have an unhappy employee who will think twice about ever calling IT when a device is lost (or misplaced). Let’s not forget the effect this will have on other employees hearing about this event.

So what’s the solution? You need a BYOD solution that leaves data off the device and allows employees to maintain control of their personal data. That is exactly what ZixOne does.

ZixOne is a mobile email app that allows employees access to their corporate email. Data is never downloaded to the device so IT departments never have to worry about managing multiple copies of the data. With just one click, access to their email can be stopped. So when an employee loses (or thinks they’ve lost) their device, or even leaves the company for another job, you can simply cut off access to corporate email.

Here’s the other great part—because there is no corporate data ever on the device, the phone never needs to be wiped. If the employee finds their phone after they believe it to be lost, all of that information will still be there.

You also eliminate any corporate legal liability associated with having insight into employees’ personal information. If you can prove you can’t see their personal data, how can they hold you liable?

ZixOne is a solution that meets everyone’s needs and it is built by the industry leader in email encryption, Zix, and they know email security.

With so many businesses implementing BYOD, there needs to be tools in the IT help desk to protect a companies data.  For more information about ZixOne, please contact us today.