“Good Morning IT, I think I lost my phone” Avoid the worry when situations like this arise

Where did I have my phone last?

Where did I have my phone last?

It’s a Monday morning and this is your first phone call: “Good Morning, I think I lost my phone over the weekend. It has all my corporate email including patient information, on the device. I’ve looked everywhere for it.” What’s the first thing IT will do? Wipe the device in order to protect corporate data to avoid a data security breach.

Now it is Tuesday morning and that same employee calls, “Good Morning, I found my phone under the couch. Can you restore it? I have a video of my daughter’s first steps on there.” Too late—there is no way to get that data back. Now you have an unhappy employee who will think twice about ever calling IT when a device is lost (or misplaced). Let’s not forget the effect this will have on other employees hearing about this event.

So what’s the solution? You need a BYOD solution that leaves data off the device and allows employees to maintain control of their personal data. That is exactly what ZixOne does.

ZixOne is a mobile email app that allows employees access to their corporate email. Data is never downloaded to the device so IT departments never have to worry about managing multiple copies of the data. With just one click, access to their email can be stopped. So when an employee loses (or thinks they’ve lost) their device, or even leaves the company for another job, you can simply cut off access to corporate email.

Here’s the other great part—because there is no corporate data ever on the device, the phone never needs to be wiped. If the employee finds their phone after they believe it to be lost, all of that information will still be there.

You also eliminate any corporate legal liability associated with having insight into employees’ personal information. If you can prove you can’t see their personal data, how can they hold you liable?

ZixOne is a solution that meets everyone’s needs and it is built by the industry leader in email encryption, Zix, and they know email security.

With so many businesses implementing BYOD, there needs to be tools in the IT help desk to protect a companies data.  For more information about ZixOne, please contact us today.

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