How to be Successful in the IT Industry

Careers in IT can incredibly rewarding. Usually the hours are flexible, the work is varied, and jobs are very highly paid, so what’s the catch?


While there is no catch as such, jobs in IT are in high demand, and when positions become available competition is fierce.

If you are totally committed to securing a position long-term, you must be prepared to stand out and get yourself noticed. Being yet another face in the crowd in this industry simply won’t cut it.

So how can you get yourself on that essential first rung of the ladder to success?

Advice From Our President

C. Joseph Keesey

C. Joseph Keesey

One man who certainly knows what it takes to succeed in the IT industry is our own president here at SystemsNet, C. Joseph Keesey.

Joseph is a software developer with over 15 years’ experience in the fast pace world of information technology. He began his career as a network admin assistant and steadily worked his way through each area of IT, giving him experience and knowledge to handle the challenges facing many companies today.

As a software developer he has worked with Insurance, Distribution, Manufacturing, Financial, and Retail industries; providing solutions to solve their business problems, utilizing custom software and existing technologies in the market place.

In a recent interview with CBS Philly, Joseph revealed his tips for rising to the top:

“The key to growth within the field is to never stop learning and to be open to new ways of doing things.”

He also emphasizes the need for a good education to form the basis of your chosen career path:

“Education plays a strong role in landing a position within the technology realm. Customers want technology service firms that understand their business and their technology, the products implemented, and above all have experience in dealing with the issues at hand. Good technicians in the field originally went to some higher learning institution, but those original tools were just the stepping-stones. Individuals in our field are constantly learning new technology or partnering with firms that can bring the skill set to the organization.”

The essential key element to success in the IT industry though is to never stop learning:

“A complete knowledge of the business applications used by a customer’s organization is required to be effective in our field. Technicians that move ahead the fastest have taken some type of higher education which gives them an edge. Individuals in our field are constantly learning, as the industry is always evolving”

Read the full article here

What School Can’t Teach

Not everyone is suited to a career in IT, and there are certain skills needed that simply can’t be learnt at school. You will need life, business, and marketing skills, along with the ability to handle stressful situations and difficult clients.

There will be times when things just don’t go to plan, and the ability to improvise and find new solutions is going to be necessary.

Desire and Passion

As our president mentioned in the above article, IT is an ever-changing industry. The moment new technology is released, it is already out of date and the next new thing is hot on its heels. Therefore, anyone wishing to tackle a career in IT must have a strong desire to learn. You will be challenged daily to learn something new. If you don’t like learning, then the IT field simply is not for you.

Passion for their work is an essential ingredient for every IT worker. If you don’t love technology and the problem solving that goes with it, IT is not the right career choice for you. That passion is the one key emotion that can often get you through the day, or night when all else has failed.

Not to be disheartened, IT really is an exciting field to work in. You get play with new technology, solve problems, ensure businesses continue to operate smoothly every working day, and not forgetting you will be well rewarded for doing so!

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