Protect Your Small Business-Top 7 Anti-Virus Programs

Choosing the right anti-virus package for your business can be confusing, but there are some top contenders you should definitely

Choosing the right anti-virus package for your business can be confusing, but there are some top contenders you should definitely

Small business owners work very hard to make their company well-known and successful. The amount of work required to successfully run your own business is phenomenal, and you want to protect that work from anything that could damage it. Some people might consider just using the free antivirus software that comes with your machines-why not? After all, it’s free, and being a small business owner also means cutting costs… Some of these free options might provide you with adequate protection, but the hassle of installing it separately on each machine and then trusting users not to fiddle with any of the settings-well, that’s where it becomes a real headache. Most top-notch antivirus programs offer easy installation across your entire network, restrict users from being able to change any settings, and give you enhanced management options. Choosing an anti-virus package can be confusing, but consider the following top contenders during your research:

  1. Bitdefender. Bitdefender continuously tops the list of antivirus software for small businesses. The Small Office Security software boasts fast and easy installation, and can be used to protect multiple devices. Features include protection from  malware, rootkits, viruses, phishing, and data loss, as well as a centralized management dashboard. Bitdefender is always on and automatically updates-for added security, users do not have the option to change the settings or deactivate protection. Bitdefender uses Windows Network Discovery to find all network devices through remote, link, or email deployment options.
  2. Kaspersky. Kaspersky is another top name in network security, receiving very high scores in independent testing. Kaspersky Small Office Security is a less expensive choice than Bitdefender, but it does provide excellent protection for up to 25 on Windows-based machines and Android devices. Features include antivirus protection, secure online banking, backup tools, and mobile device protection.
  3. AVG. AVG Antivirus Business Edition is a highly effective choice for safeguarding your business and customer information. Features include AVG’s award-winning firewall, Smart scanner, network antivirus, file server security, and remote management. AVG’s antivirus package offers greater control by allowing you to remotely manage your protection from a single console. Smart scanner only scans PCs while they are not being used, ensuring efficient operation during work time.
  4. Symantec. Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition is simple to use, and can be installed on a single machine or across the whole network. Symantec has both cloud-management and on-premise management options, and offers the typical protection against viruses, worms, trojans, and spyware without slowing down performance. In addition, Symantec Insight and SONAR technologies are able to detect new and mutating malware, including unknown threats.
  5. Panda. Panda Cloud Office Protection is one of the more expensive options out there, although independent tests rated it as only fair for network protection.  The package does offer many unique features in addition to antivirus and firewall-features such as device control, which allows you to restrict how different devices are used. The top-notch web-based management system offers many installation options and gives constant reports on security status. The package offers more hands-on management options than other security programs, but isn’t top of the line for core antivirus protection.
  6. Avast!. Avast! Endpoint Protection is a good choice for very small business owners who may not be able to afford all the bells and whistles available in more comprehensive antivirus programs. Avast! is akin to ordering food a la carte-you pick and choose and then pay only for options you want. You can choose the most basic antivirus protection and have a very simple product that offers core antivirus, browsing protection, and remote management.  Upgrading to Endpoint Plus will add a firewall and spam filtering and still be less expensive than most competitors.
  7. VIPRE. VIPRE Antivirus Small Office offers small and home-based business owners an integrated patch management that protects against infections from out-of-date software. VIPRE also offers top notch features such as protection from viruses, spyware, trojans, worms, and adware without slowing down your systems, business-class support, and network defense against bad links.

These are some of the top-rated antivirus packages on the market right now, but if you are still unsure of what your business really needs, please feel free to contact us.

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