Here Is Why You Need Perch Security for Your Business Security

IT professional using a laptop with Perch Security solutions to safeguard company data from cyberattack.

Keeping your company safe from cyberthreats using reliable security solutions.

It is 2021, and technology has taken over the workplace more than ever before. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, nearly 70% of full-time employees in the US transitioned to remote work.  The move into the post-COVID world has seen only a few changes, with roughly 58.6% of the US workforce continue to work from home, and some businesses looking to continue a hybrid approach to being in the physical office.

Remote working has numerous benefits, and many people have accepted it as the trend that businesses now want to apply in their processes. However, it also presents a breeding ground for cyberattacks. Hackers are now using the opportunity to target companies with the increased risk of leaking information and company data.

Also, cyber threats continue to advance with the advancement in technology. Therefore, it is more critical than ever before to look at the issues you need to address your company’s vulnerabilities. Cyber threats encompass a variety of things including, phishing, malware, ransomware, data breaches, and compromised passwords.

Luckily, you can manage to stay safe by using Perch Security and enjoy its numerous safety features to keep your company safe from cyber threats. Here, we outline the top benefits of using this security solution for your business. Let’s dive in!

What is Perch Security

Perch Security is a solution that helps with threat detection and response management to allow organizations to design, deploy, and control a customer cybersecurity program. It offers various functionalities, such as threat hunting features with drill-down capabilities to assist business administrators in evaluating threats with real-time alerts, logs, and related information.

With these solutions, the company always gets notified of potential security threats in the systems or malicious activities across the network and connected devices using a unified portal. The IT personnel have visibility of every Windows log, HIPAA, active assets, and PCI DSS compliance. They can view the networking status and all the metrics for improving security on the easy-to-use dashboard interface. With Perch Security, users can launch a robust cybersecurity program or add depth to their existing visibility and enhance the functioning of the security systems.

Features of Perch You Need For Your Business Security


You can relish the core multi-tenancy features that come with Perch. It will enable you to manage alerts for the various businesses or clients you like. Therefore, managed service providers can use these features to have a robust and reliable service for their clients.

Threat Hunting

Perch has tier-1 alert support that reduces unnecessary noise and alerts. The notification you receive is the real threat, giving you accurate information to act accordingly. The threat analysis works automatically to keep your systems safe, giving your analysts time to look at other business-critical processes. They can investigate the alerts, analyze traffic and logs.

Log Ingestion

Users can ingest logs from the Windows Event logs and Syslog and retain them as a measure to meet compliance requirements. The solutions will generate natural highlights to log events based on the log data. You can use this to report effectively and visualize your processes. You have extra insights when it comes to building endpoints and network traffic data.

Threat Management

Perch offers users an interface to input and manage unique threat indicators and share them with others if they would like to get assistance. Users can build a separate threat intelligence respiratory intelligence at a fraction of the initial price tag. You have more control over the threat data.

The need for security in small and mid-sized businesses is not an option anymore. You have to protect your business from cyber threats actively. Contact us at SystemsNet to consult about your company’s IT needs and security.

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