Do You Know What You Are Looking For In A Managed Service Provider (MSP)?


A professional MSP with a clear and effective strategy for you customers

As you look for more ways to add value to your business, you have probably started to look deep into the services provided by Managed Service Providers (MSP). Since MSPs can define what they do in different ways, their services will not all be the same. Some MSPs will provide a few services and other MSPs will provide a long list of services that can be very beneficial to your business.

When you are looking for a Managed Service Provider, there are some important things you should look for, including the following:

Managing Your Devices

You will need to make sure the provider you are considering will have a proactive strategy when it comes to monitoring all of your servers and devices that are connected to your network.

Live Help Desk Support

The Managed Service Provider(MSP) you choose will need to have outstanding help desk support for users who need to log in their accounts after forgetting their passwords, standard troubleshooting tips, resetting passwords, etc.

There are certain qualities that a potential Managed Service Provider(MSP) should have:

New Technology

The Managed Service Provider you select should be able to offer you a full selection of various technologies. You will need support for your users, storage, network capabilities, etc.

How Fast Will You Be Assisted? 

You want an MSP that will be available to you at all hours of the day, and 7 days a week. Your business will greatly depend on your MSP. Your MSP will need to be available whenever you need them to assist you. You will need an MSP that will be available to respond to every need you have. You want to ask questions about their escalation process for support calls. Before you settle on a Managed Service Provider, make sure you learn about each MSPs response time.

Pricing Strategies

The pricing agreements should not be unpredictable. You should know what you are getting into from the very beginning. You should be looking for service provider that can provide fixed pricing based on the number of devices and not based on some type of hourly support.  The service provider’s contract needs to be adjustable to scale up or down, providing flexibility in the contract for growth or downturns in the business.

Can You Customize?

You do not want to partner with an MSP who will give your business the exact same services as another business. Your business is different from the next business, and it should be treated as such. You will want to avoid an MSP that takes a one-size-fits-all approach. It is important to make sure the service provider you are considering will be able to modify their plans and strategies for your business based on the goals you have set.

Safety And Security

It is important that  your MSP has an effective and productive security plan. Will your business have anything to worry about when it comes to security? Will your business be able to design security and disaster recovery components?

The MSP you choose should have a clear and effective strategy for its customers. You should know from the very beginning the type of support the MSP will give you.   When support is needed by your or your staff, it should be handled by a live answer help desk, and not leaving a message on a voicemail system.  Your MSP should ultimately help you improve your productivity and efficiency, while reducing your costs.

Do you know what you are looking for in an MSP? Are you looking for an MSP that will offer an affordable and enticing plan that will help turn your business around? Contact us today for more information.

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