Benefits of Perch Security Within the Small to Medium Size Business

Employee's hands typing on a computer keyboard, showing a concept of company cybersecurity using Perch Security solutions.

Enhancing your company’s defense against cybersecurity attacks.

Advanced technology has brought numerous solutions for organizations. At the same time, it has developed a tremendous potential for cyber-attacks within companies. Cybercrime is constantly rising, and many medium-sized businesses are significantly in danger due to inadequate cyber security.

Businesses need to focus closer attention on protecting sensitive data. Perch Security provides everything required to mount a cyber-defense with curated community intelligence and automates Intel consumption. The Community Defense Platform makes cyber threat intelligence accessible to everyone with dedicated threat analysts on employees. Read on to learn the benefits of Perch Security within small-medium-sized businesses.

Enhanced Defense

Many businesses will increase analyst hours or staff as a measure to counter cyber-security threats. The Perch Security Operation Center prevents all that through investigating any alerts on your network, notifying you of actual incidents, and helping you eradicate the threat. Perch customizes what and how they escalate to suit your preferences.

Perch Security Operations Center (SOC), incorporated with your service, works around the clock to triage every alert, escalate real dangers when identified, and support you through the response process.

Identifies What’s Eluded Your Defenses

Perch identifies what’s getting through the firewalls of your network. A Perch sensor smashes threat intel against your network to detect prospective dangers, creating alerts. You can interact and view the signals on the Dashboard while Perch SOC is triaging and escalating them as required.

Helps Prevent Data Corruption or Loss

Medium-sized businesses can have several Terabytes worth of crucial data stored away. Data can be rendered unusable by malware or, in the worst-case – intentionally stolen by malicious individuals. All your files and valuable data are at significant risk of being lost. Those files containing sensitive data could be dangerous in the wrong hands.

Perch Security can detect and notify you of any suspicious activity in your network. A simple notification helps you take action and helps escalate any malware. Your business reduces the risk of losing valuable data.

Helps Prevent Any Disruption to Business

A data breach incident interrupts your daily trade activities. Cyber-attack may cause you not to serve your customers or prevent your employees from carrying out their duties. Business disruption may cause significant financial concerns. Perch security has sensors that help you identify and escalate real threats during your lunch break, not causing any major business disruptions.

Boost Your Business Reputation

Having Perch Security will improve your business’s brand reputation. You’re more likely to be able to enter new business ventures with customers with a greater level of comfort and safety in knowing that you’re educated enough in the discipline of cybersecurity to invest in the proper technical security. Your company is less likely to be attacked when you have Perch Security. Perch Security has the ideal tools to identify cyber-incidents that have gotten through your firewall immediately. This helps you eliminate attacks before they have access to sensitive data.

Cybersecurity challenges for small to medium-size businesses can be massive if the right cyber-security actions are not implemented. Perch Security can track all your systems and networks. They can leverage advanced security methods. This includes adaptive risk modeling and predictive analysis to protect your business from severe threats. Perch Security allows you to correlate all of your threat intel with a full packet assessment. Perch’s managed Elastic-search passes enriched alert data to your SIEM.

At Perch, we connect you to all of your best sources of intel and automate and centralize it so you can focus on your business. Backed by our in-house Security Operations Center (SOC), Perch can launch your cybersecurity program or add depth to the visibility you already have. Request a demo to see how Perch protects you while providing transparency.

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