5 Employment Perks You Can Offer After Integrating VOIP Phones – Part 1 of 2

Multitasking mom working from home with the employment perks of offering integrating VOIP phones

Having a VoIP solution for your business provides the capability of working from almost anywhere.

When most businesses start to consider making the switch to VOIP phones from their traditional TelCo plans, the first considerations are usually pretty technical. You assess your internal bandwidth and network capabilities, talk about cost and implementation logistics. But the true power of VOIP isn’t in how it works. It’s what the freedom of unified communication does for your employees. This is a realization that dawns on some companies slowly, while others are integrating VOIP precisely because they have realized just how valuable a go-anywhere work number can be for a modern mobile workforce.

Believe it or not, what VOIP has to offer opens up the doors not only to employees working on the road and more affordable phone lines. It also reveals the possibility of flexible benefits and employment perks that will give you an edge in today’s War for Talent. Whether you are a trendy startup with a dog-friendly office or an established corporation looking to offer more options to your employees, VOIP is exactly the tool you need to offer the flexible employment perks that modern professionals are looking for.

Here’s a quick look at five of the leading employment benefits that VOIP unlocks for any business that makes the transition.

Work From Home Days

One of the incredibly convenient features of VOIP is that your employees can ‘log into’ their work phone number from their home office. In the TelCo-ruled days, this was absolutely impossible. Clients and colleagues would have to try a second or even third alternate phone number to reach someone out of the office, making work from home days impractical for most desk-bound positions. But not anymore.

With numbers that can ‘follow’ employees, home, you can offer your most reliable team members the option to do their work from home for a few days out of every month. You might be surprised just how much your team members will appreciate even a small number of work from home days to add flexibility to their schedule. These could, for example, be used on days when employees can’t find childcare or need to supervise home repairs but are still able to remain at their home desk getting good work done. And if there are no emergencies at home, then it’s an opportunity to spend the occasional day in one’s pajamas while still officially at work. An incredible luxury for a hard-working office professional.

Flexible Sick Days

Along the same lines, VOIP number following also makes it possible to be more lenient with employees when they are under the weather. There are many types of illness where you would feel compelled to send an employee home if they came in sick, but technically they can still perform their work tasks with a cup of tea at their desk. Professionals often push themselves to come in sick in order to not fall behind on work or pay. And employers are often tempted to let them because a sick day would hurt the whole team’s productivity.

VOIP makes it possible to offer a much more flexible answer to sick days. Because employees can effectively work at “their desk” from home, you can encourage sick employees to stay home and allow them to clock in at least a few work hours. With flexible VOIP sick days, employees can more easily take a half-day and clock a half-day without making the commute or even work a whole shift without risking getting their colleagues sick. This saves sick days, team productivity, and the risk contagions in one tidy solution.

Join us next time for part two where we’ll continue talking about more employment benefits VOIP can unlock. For more great insights on VOIP or a consultation on the right VOIP solutions for your company, contact us today!

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