What Is EventTracker Security and Why Use It

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Addressing security issues beyond mere technology.

Many businesses are now popular with SIEM, a foundational technology to secure networks from threats and demonstrate regulatory compliance.

According to Gartner, Security information and event management (SIEM) are technologies that support threat detection and robust incident security. They feature real-time collection and historical analysis of your company’s security events from broad events and contextual data sources.

SIEM technology further allows users to support compliance reporting and incident investigation using historical data from reliable sources. The core capabilities of SIEM technology are a broad scope of event collection and the ability to analyze and correlate events across disparate sources.

To enable businesses to enjoy the benefits of SIEM technology for small networks, Netsurion developed EventTracker Essentials to address security issues beyond mere technology.

What Is EventTracker?

Netsurion’s EventTracker is a world-leading security management platform that offers users complete protection through an adaptive security architecture. The platform integrates prevention, prediction, detection, and response to boost effectiveness and reduce costs. Furthermore, users can monitor and analyze alerts and reports produced by SIEM technology.

With EventTracker security, users enjoy support on event log monitoring and management to enable enterprise network work seamlessly and boost day-to-day administration. The platform further unifies security orchestration, machine learning, and behavior analytics to protect your organizations against cybersecurity threats. Here are some of its top advantages.

Benefits and Insights of EventTracker

Key advantages of EventTracker include:

Centralized Management of All Endpoints on the Network

EventTracker enables you to have complete control of all your network endpoints. With this, you can improve threat response without hassle.

You enjoy security orchestration and automated response functionality with a faster threat response. You’ll consolidate data sources, leverage threat intelligence feeds, and automate response, improving efficiency. Also, this reduces your business response times, improves remediation, and increases your SOC productivity.

Enhanced Threat Detection

The EventTracker SIEM platform is integrated with ATT&CK to improve actionable threat intelligence. You will get better data protection and cybersecurity maturity by improving your readiness for future threats and stealthy adversaries. Such a comprehensive co-managed solution will increase visibility and boost detection.

Thorough Vulnerability Assessment

Attacks are always coming from inside and outside the business. It is essential to avoid these issues by identifying vulnerable systems and versions before becoming significant. A managed vulnerability assessment service provider scheduled scans, dashboards, and detailed reports for offering accurate results while prioritizing exploitable data.

Ensure Compliance

With EventTracker, organizations can secure their business environment, track user activity,   form baselines, create-audit ready reports, and send probable violation reports. Its solutions ensure you remain compliant and maintain yourselves by automating the steps required by each standard.

Advanced Analytics

Through machine learning capabilities, businesses require user and entity behavior analytics to trigger actionable and detailed alerts. This is possible with EventTracker. Its security intelligence platform enables users to understand and determine the normal system activities and event occurrences across their organizations.

Industry Leading Solution

EventTracker is a popular managed security device rated highest in value and performance over the past few years. Recently, SC Media announced was the industry-leading in news and product evaluation production. It is used in several industries, including energy and utilities, finance and banking, higher education, legal, healthcare, government, and retail.

Get Reliable Security Solutions for Your Entire Business from SystemsNet

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