What Can an MSP Do for Your Remote Work Team?

In complicated times, using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can keep your remote team running smoothly.

Managed Service Providers, or MSPs for short, are dedicated network and computer technicians that outsource their services to many different companies. In a world where we know there are not enough tech professionals to go around, outsourcing those services is the best way to ensure every small to medium business gets the technical support they need. This remains true in the wake of current events, leaving even the most hands-on teams now working from home in home offices.

Remote work is not a new concept, but it can be logistically challenging for teams who are not prepared for the transition. That is where a skilled MSP can help you. The transition to remote work and enhancing your remote productivity is all about the tech stack. A managed service provider can provide remote support of exactly the nature your business needs to thrive on remote work.

Here’s what an MSP can do for your remote working team:

Advise the Best Remote Team Tech Stack

Your tech stack is the core of teamwork and productivity. Transitioning to remote work, you’ll need a remote-friendly stack of business software. These programs will need to mimic or even just extend your on-site workflow and connect¬† your team members so they can work together from far-flung locations. The best tech stack will need to be fully integrated, and your MSP can make sure you make the right choices for your business.

Build and Secure Your Remote Work Resources

Secure remote resources are a must. You need cloud servers, document management, collaboration tools, plus many more.  But you also need data security to ensure that customer, staff, and business information is not leaked to nosy hackers along the way. This work-at-home jag has been a holiday for hackers who like to exploit the new security gaps between team members working remotely. We can help close those security gaps and defend your remotely accessible work resources.

Provide Support for Home Office Setups

Setting up a home office is not always easy. Not everyone has the right equipment, installation, or internet plan to thrive. As an MSP, we can help walk each team member through the most important steps of setting up their home office. From there, we’ll also provide support for any specific questions or problems. From home video studios to configuring the firewall, we have each individual covered.

Coordinate Company Devices and Data Plans

Many employers are sending out company devices and offering comped or subsidized internet plans for employees working from home. Your managed service provider can make sure each of these devices has the right installation and setup, even before it is shipped to the team members. We can then walk team members through setting up their new company devices and accessing their provided internet plans.

Create a New Backup Recovery System

Last but not least is backup recovery. When your entire business infrastructure moves to the cloud and your team goes remote, there’s a good chance you will need new data backup management to ensure that the new remote infrastructure can be recovered quickly. We have this under control Once your new tech stack and workflow is established, an MSP can build you a backup recover plan to reflect your business needs and the technology in use.

Hiring an MPS is a great choice for any small to medium business adapting to the new remote workflow with work-at-home conditions. We would be proud to provide the technical guidance and support your business needs to make this transition. Contact us today to consult on managed services for your company’s IT needs and the needs of your remote team members.

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