The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Office Support: Ways to Keep Your Tech Running Optimally

It's amazing how many people don't take the time to do basic maintenance on their office computers.

It’s amazing how many people don’t take the time to do basic maintenance on their office computers.

Do you need a cheat sheet on office support in your company so you can get a handle on basic IT issues? Some things you can do on your own, but working together with an IT team that understands what you need creates a more powerful process. As your business grows, you likely have more technical aspects to think about, especially if you don’t even know what devices get used.

For example, with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, your employees are probably using dozens of mobile devices in the workplace. Even all your desktops in your company can’t always be accounted for, especially when you have employees doing things on them you can’t keep track of on a daily basis.

As a result, using your own cheat sheet as a form of office support works in tandem with a managed service from a dedicated IT team.

Here at SystemsNet, we provide managed services and a superior help desk that works along with your own sensible office support system. Take a look at some things you can do to keep all your tech devices running optimally. Combined with managed services, you’ll know what each employee does, plus methods to get issues fixed faster.

Basic Security on Your Computers

You need to have a meeting with your employees and make them aware of how prevalent viruses are, particularly through phishing schemes in emails. The more awareness they have of the latest threats, the more circumspect they’ll be when surfing the web or doing email reading. It doesn’t hurt to acquire virus software or firewalls for preventative measures.

Combined with a managed service, however, you have added protection since your systems gets monitored around the clock. In the chance you catch a virus by accident, we’re there to get it removed remotely so you’ll have no downtime.

Employee awareness and managed services work hand in hand for the ultimate safeguard.

Basic Maintenance on Your Computers

It’s amazing that so many people still don’t take the time to do basic maintenance on their computers to prevent slowdowns. By simply going in to your Windows or Mac control panel, you can defrag your hard drive, plus remove temporary Internet files that slow your computer down. This also includes doing all software updates on your computer. If you fall too far behind on those, you open your computer to major threats.

Doing this alongside having managed services, you once again have remote assistance if something happens. Managed services also make sure you have updates done on your software and hardware if you forget to do it on your own.

Backing Up Your Files

You already know about the dangers of not backing up your files, and using external drives or even your own server for file backup helps to a point. Regardless, these aren’t always reliable due to the possibly of server failure or even external drives malfunctioning.

With managed services, you have the cloud available as a safer and more reliable backup so you’re guaranteed to have all your data intact when you need it back after a disaster.

This is even more essential on your mobile devices where we save all data to the cloud as it’s being created. Considering many of your employees are out in the field with their mobile devices, you don’t want them losing any data while conducting business with a customer. Smartphones and tablets are also just as vulnerable to online threats if they depend on an unreliable Wi-Fi service.

Contact us here at SystemsNet so we can help you with office support for your tech in a way that works efficiently alongside company awareness.

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