The 10 Best Benefits of Virtualization Using VMWare


Increase the agility of your IT team

With most servers using only around 10% of their processing capabilities, turning to virtualization through VMWare–that is, using a single server or computer to provide the computing power for multiple virtual machines–is an obvious solution. If you’ve been considering virtualization with VMWare for your system, now is the time to make the choice for your organization. These ten key benefits of virtualization will help you make the choice.

1. Decrease your hardware expenses. It’s considerably cheaper to maintain a single machine that holds multiple virtual environments than it is to maintain all the machines your employees need in order to complete their daily tasks. There’s less hardware to deal with, which means lower upfront cost and lower replacement expenses over time.

2. Decrease power and cooling costs. Servers aren’t just expensive to set up. They’re also expensive to maintain. The more physical machines you have running, the greater your power and cooling costs will be. When you opt for virtualization with VMWare, your power and cooling costs will decrease substantially.

3. Decrease the space needed to keep your servers operational. Servers take up a huge amount of physical space. Many offices have entire rooms dedicated to them–and that means space that can’t be used for other purposes. With VMWare, you’ll discover that you can regain much of that physical space, repurposing it for other tasks in your office.

4. Decrease the amount of time spent on software upgrades. The more machines you’re running, the more software updates you have to deal with. By opting for virtualization, you decrease the amount of time your tech team has to spend dealing with those upgrades.

5. Decrease your downtime. With virtualization through VMWare, you can keep the most important components of your business up and running when you need them most. Decreased downtime means happier customers, happier workers, and greater workplace efficiency.

6. Increase the agility of your IT team. When you opt for virtualization with VMWare, your IT team can react more quickly to a variety of problems, solving them quickly and getting your system up and running again fast. This also means less employee downtime waiting on issues to be resolved.

7. Improve your ability to recover from a disaster. Virtualization helps reduce the odds that you’ll store critical data in a single location. When you opt for virtualization, you improve the business’s ability to recover from a data disaster–or even prevent potential problems from being a disaster at all.

8. Increase the lifespan of old applications. Many businesses have at least one application that they rely on that simply can’t be updated anymore. It’s even possible that the company that created it no longer exists! By choosing virtualization with VMWare, you can use that application more easily, extending its lifespan without having to run an ancient machine that no longer meets modern standards.

9. Move running virtual machines with no downtime. There’s no need to undertake a complicated shutdown process. Virtual machines are simple to move, which keeps your business running more smoothly.

10. Make a move to the cloud easier. At some point, you may decide that a move to the cloud is the most efficient decision for your data and servers. By opting for virtualization now, you’ll discover that this move is far easier in the future.

Virtualization is one of the best options for increasing your business’s efficiency, decreasing costs, and keeping your machines up and running when you need them most, rather than having to deal with expensive downtime. If you’re ready to opt for virtualization using VMWare for your company, contact us today to learn more about how this tactic can benefit your company, give you the tools you need, and reduce your operating costs.

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