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Microsoft Product Releases: Microsoft 365 And Azure Stack

Office 365

Office 365 options available for your convenience

Microsoft made a major announcement on, July 10, 2017. Microsoft is introduced Microsoft 365, which is an improved way for businesses like yours to purchase Windows and Office as a combined product, and not separately. Microsoft has made Windows 10 and Office 365 available to every business in a variety of ways, but the software Microsoft 365 Enterprise is a combination of Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise. The software also includes Enterprise Mobility+Security.

Microsoft 365 Business is also being offered, and this software will make its debut as a preview in August. Microsoft 365 Business will include Office 365 Business Premium, and businesses will get the necessary management features and security features it needs. While the debut is set for August, the release is set to occur in the fall. For the businesses that want to purchase Microsoft Business 365, they can expect to pay $20 each month, and this cost is per user.

Businesses that want to purchase Microsoft 365 Enterprise will find it available a day before the Microsoft 365 Business makes its public debut. There is not set price on Microsoft 365 Enterprise because it will be dependent on a variety of things, including the plan that you choose.

Microsoft 365 may be familiar to the businesses that have used Secure Productive Enterprise, but Microsoft 365 focuses more on all companies. Microsoft 365 will be available in two forms: Microsoft 365 Business will be geared towards businesses that are small or medium-sized. Microsoft 365 Enterprise will be geared towards businesses that are larger.

If you want to use Microsoft 365 at its basic level, Microsoft 365 will combine everything Microsoft has to offer a business. Microsoft 365 is a response to the businesses that needed a fuller approach to productivity, and at a secure level. Businesses no longer have to look at everything separately. Managing a device, managing security features, and managing Office applications no longer have to be seen as separate problems.

Microsoft 365 is not only a more affordable alternative for your business, but it makes complete sense for your business. You want to create a workplace that can successfully combine its applications, devices, and security features. Microsoft 365 will be the tool that will give you the ability to do this.

Azure Stack

On July 10 Microsoft stated that the businesses that want to deploy their cloud computing technology to their data centers have the ability to make the order. However, although the orders can be placed, they will actually not get anything until sometime in September, maybe.

Microsoft stated that Azure Stack would be available to businesses in the mid part of 2017. Microsoft stated that the Azure Stack software would come with equipment from three companies, Lenovo, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard Enterprises. When we think about the middle of the year, we typically think of June or July, right? Well, customers can place their software orders in July, but they will not be able to run the software until months later.

Azure Stack is an essential part of Microsoft’s plan to take action against Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services, as you are probably already aware, is a profitable form of public cloud computing. In this setup, the software and data of its customers are deployed to data centers that Amazon operates. So, Azure Stack presents a very interesting alternative.

Microsoft has stated that businesses that want to use the cloud and still run software and data on the inside will still have this option. On the other hand, Amazon Web Services is set on making sure all the data operations are run by their services, and nothing else. We were expecting Azure Stack to be introduced last year, but Microsoft went in another direction and that date was moved to this year.

Microsoft has been very busy this year, and we do not expect them to slow down. Contact us today for additional information on Microsoft 365 and Azure Stack.

The Benefits of Office 365


Office 365 offers some unique and convenient benefits for both businesses and individuals.

When you’re in the workplace, there are many products that you should consider purchasing for your business. Whether they’re not a necessity or are absolutely essential, they can assist you in a variety of ways. If you’re purchasing an anti-virus product, for example, then it’ll be a great tool for protecting your network. However, what if you also purchased a product that helped you to better use social media? If that’s the case, it’ll be a step in the right direction for the success of your business. After all, social media is an easier way to draw in customers, right?

With that said, have you also considered purchasing and using Office 365? Perfect for any business, it’s a subscription plan which is both suitable for someone who’s working in an office or one working from home. Even more so, though, you can also install it on up to 5 PCs/Macs (in addition to mobile devices). The fact that it also comes with numerous applications makes it very efficient for just about any type of job. However, let’s look into more detail about why the subscription plan is important for your business. Overall, here are the main benefits of Office 365.

#1. Numerous Applications Available

As I had briefly mentioned before, one of the main benefits of Office 365, is the amount of applications at your disposal. Whether you want to complete a written assignment in a word document, or are looking to finish a lengthy project with PowerPoint, there’s practically no limit to the type of work you can accomplish. However, having these numerous applications available, also helps you to save time in the long run. After all, when you download Office 365, all these apps come with the entire package. Compare that to tedium of before when users had to download every application one by one.

#2. Office 365 is Easy to Use

Another benefit of the subscription is that it’s easy to use, and not just if you’re familiar with Microsoft Office, either. Unlike many other applications in the workplace, there are no “tricks” to learning how to use Office 365. It’s not some obscure piece of software that requires weeks of training. Whether you’ve used Microsoft Office to write a term paper, or created a PowerPoint for a school project, most people have used one or more of the applications that come with Office 365.

Between the numerous apps available, and a sense of familiarity that comes with using the subscription plan, Office 365 is easily accessible to anyone.

#3. It’s Portable

Another great aspect of the subscription plan, is that it allows you to work from anywhere. With the industry constantly changing, and more businesses becoming mobile on a daily basis, it’s great that Office 365 can accommodate said changes. However, Office 365’s portability isn’t just beneficial for helping you adjust to changes in the business world, but you can also complete numerous tasks faster.

Considering how the subscription plan can be installed on mobile devices, you’re no longer restricted to working in your business office. Not to mention you can communicate with your customers whenever. As an example, let’s say you did a lot of traveling on your job. You may be away from the workplace a lot, but that doesn’t mean you’re limited in the ways you could work or interact with your customers. Also, don’t forget Office 365 includes 60 Skype minutes per month, and the calls are always free. Between being able to work on multiple projects when you’re on the road, as well as interacting with your customers at the business, Office 365’s portability is a great feature.

For more information about the benefits of Office 365, contact us today at SystemsNet.