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5 Reasons Your Company Can Benefit from Managed IT and Network Monitoring Services (Part 1)

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Managed IT and Network Monitoring Services

In the business world, everything runs on the network. Information of every stripe is constantly being processed and transmitted through multiple company machines, over cloud hosting, and stored in proprietary servers either locally or again on the cloud. Business software suites rule the day, often adding more network calls as they self-maintain and contact central data stores to keep all employees on track and supplied with the information they need to function and this is all without considering if a company is also providing online services to their customer we as well. With this overwhelming use of networking between company computers, clients, and the cloud, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are turning to outsourced help to manage their IT infrastructure and monitor their network activity. If you haven’t hired a crack team of IT experts to keep a watchful eye on your business network, here are five great reasons to consider doing so.

1 Ensuring Steady Service to Your Customers

Monitoring services are there to tell you when things are about to go sideways with enough of a head-start to prevent the oncoming disaster. You may be one of the thousands of companies that provide online services to customers that should not be interrupted under any circumstances. Many Saas companies provide real-time data, dashboards, and support that must be available when customers need them and some companies even serve medical providers and patients as part of an active health plan. If a server dies or a network connection goes down at the wrong moment, customers will not only be unhappy, they could be terribly disadvantaged and even lose money from their own businesses or the ability to interact with vital services as a result of the interruption.

Making sure the vital connection between your company and clients stays online is one of the things that a managed IT and monitoring as a service can provide for. If something is about to go wrong, your outsourced technicians can send you a timely message and help to redistribute resources to keep your services available without having to stack additional tasks onto your in-house techs if you have any.

2 Preventing Overload During High Traffic Hours

Most websites and services see cyclical visitation from their customers as log-in patterns match the requirements and opportunities of daily life. Companies with incredibly popular websites have to be aware of this ebb and flow pattern in order to prepare for their most high-traffic weekly hours. When many people all log into your website at once, this can create an overwhelming flood of activity on your network and has been known to overpower the available bandwidth and server resources.

While the extra business is good, young companies who experience a sudden increase in popularity have faced complete website failure when traffic exceeded their network capabilities. Managed IT and network monitoring services can help you both prepare your network for dangerously high traffic and offload resources at exactly the right time during these rush periods to keep your website up, running smoothly, and providing sales to your eager customers.

Managed IT services offers you a stability, constant maintenance, and optimization that break-fix IT simply can’t compare to. Of course, this is only the first half of our two-part article on the benefits of working with a managed service provide. Instead of just waiting for your computer system to eventually fail and then calling an expert, with managed IT your servers and infrastructure will be actively maintained, updated, curated, and load-balanced at all times Join us next time for the second half of this article where we’ll talk about optimization, detecting errors before they happen, and repairing any unavoidable or externally caused errors immediately. For more information about managed IT services, contact us today!

Creativity and Quality are Just 2 Reasons Why We Love IT Support

Your business doesn't have to reinvent the wheel each time it needs something done. You rely on the expertise of others to make your work run smoothly

Your business doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel each time it needs something done. You rely on the expertise of others to make your work run smoothly

Although many businesses see IT support as a necessary evil, there are so many areas where IT support is incredibly valuable for small, medium and large enterprises. We think of it with the same joy as some people get from a great kitchen remodel. IT support brings creativity to your business systems, increases quality in software and information management, drives innovation across industries and provides security and peace of mind. IT support does all that? Yes, and here are some details.


IT support now runs the full spectrum of service and infrastructure, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS). For those unfamiliar with the term, any time something is offered “as a service,” companies have the option of gaining access through the cloud to someone else’s infrastructure, programs and other technology related items. As Pablo Picasso is rumored to have said, “Good artists copy, great artists steal.”

The foundation of your business’s creativity is not reinventing the wheel every time you need something done. That is the value of IaaS, SaaS (Software), cloud based data back-ups and more. Your business energy and creativity pour into the systems which make you great, and someone else’s creativity and genius go into making your normal systems great.


While quality systems are incredibly important, many businesses do not have the time, capital or energy to put the effort into managing all the information necessary for Total Quality Control. Since the fundamentals for building quality systems are information and data management and workflow planning, the right IT systems and support will create opportunities to build intense high quality processes, with the stress outsourced to your IT support.

Before we get into the other reasons we love IT support, here are some ways that creativity and quality grow in your business when you outsource your IT support and business systems:

  • Email – Everyone loves free email systems, but for a business, “free email” quickly devolves into “my employees keep asking me for permissions to change their skins, and do 100 other things.” For businesses, free is often the best option when you have buckets of time and no money. For most businesses, a tailored email system makes more sense, because you realize that your time (and your IT team’s time) is money. Outsourcing email services gives you the ability to swiftly create custom email services (there’s that creativity) with a team of expert email IT professionals available to troubleshoot and further customize your business email (and the quality).
  • Training – You can have the best software on the planet, but it is a waste of money if your employees do not know how to use it. Outsourcing your training gives you time to focus on how to integrate your customer, vendor relations and internal business systems, not spend your time convincing employees to use your newest product. Employees who understand and use your software properly free up their creative energy for other tasks, and also do things well.
  • Disaster Recovery – If you have ever survived major data loss at your business, you know how much stress and thought processes are consumed by rebuilding your business systems. With an outsourced, cloud-based recovery system, you know that you have your information ready to go, and an expert recovery team to help your business continue operations as normally as possible minutes after a hardware crash.


If you do not already see why we love IT support (and outsourcing) so much, think about how much innovation has been driven in various industries through the current IT as a service offerings. From Microsoft Office to Adobe Creative Suite, systems which formerly cost hundreds and thousands of dollars to even start are available at cash-flow prices. You pay for what you use, and cancel when you are done.

With so many people using advanced systems, innovation in industries is being driven from all corners, and an experienced IT support team will have regular contact with other leaders in industry innovation. Not only does IT support increase your business systems, it gives you access to other thought-leaders in your industry and in your target market.

Security and Peace of Mind

As back-up recovery promotes creativity and quality, so does the entirety of an outsourced IT security and recovery plan. Internal datacenters are one of the most likely points of entry for hackers and viruses. On the other hand, the same IT professionals who will set up your secure network, provide you with cutting edge virus protection and firewalls, can manage your datacenter in their own secure facility.

Having one team with the expertise and planning to build an entire safety, back-up and security system for your business from your keyboard to your customer’s computer screen is the cherry-on-top of the many reasons we love IT support. For more information about IT support, outsourcing, or IaaS plans, please contact us.