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Why should you install Webroot Antivirus?


Webroot Antivirus is an award-winning antivirus software that is effective and affordable.

Antivirus programs are a critical cyber security defense. A high-quality program will have the capacity to block a wide variety of attacks launched from different sources.

Cyber criminals are constantly coming up with malware to infect your computing devices. Depending on the kind of malware they use, your device may stop working. You could get locked out of programs and files. Your personal information, including passwords, could end up exposed and stolen, resulting in potential financial losses and identity theft. Cyber criminals can also turn your computing devices into bots that launch attacks on other computers, even without you knowing it.

Your antivirus software is a critical line of defense against cyber attacks. Although you can’t rely on an antivirus program alone to combat cyber crime, you need a high-quality program installed on your devices.

Why choose Webroot?

As with any other software, antivirus programs vary in quality. It’s important to buy a program that meets high performance standards and offers you efficient, cost-effective service.

Webroot Antivirus, which works for PCs and Macs, is a highly rated, award-winning program. The following are several reasons you should look into Webroot for your cyber security needs:

  • Real-time, cloud-based protection. Antivirus programs generally maintain a database containing known malware and rely on it to identify and block attacks. Instead of storing their database on your local devices, and requiring you to update it periodically, Webroot maintains its database in the cloud. The database gets updated in real-time and contains a gigantic list of all known malicious programs. When new threats come along, Webroot immediately performs sophisticated analyses on them. If the program is unknown, Webroot takes steps to find out more about it before allowing it to do certain things on your computing device.
  • Less interference with your device. You can successfully install Webroot in less than a minute. The program takes up very little space on your device, leaving much more computer memory at your disposal. Furthermore, it usually performs scans in only a few minutes at most. Other antivirus programs typically take at least 10 times longer to complete a scan of your device. Even though Webroot’s scan is significantly shorter, the program is still thorough. Once it detects and deals with a virus, it performs additional scans until the results come up clean.
  • A plethora of services. You can choose among different Webroot plans, and even the most basic one contains a variety of important services. These include a firewall, ransomware protection, and the detection of fake or malicious websites that trick people into disclosing personal information or downloading infected files. Webroot also offers enhanced identity protection, keeping your passwords and other user information more secure as you browse the Internet.
  • Available for multiple devices. These days, you need antivirus programs for phones and tablets, and not just for desktop computers or laptops. Many people use their smartphones for both personal reasons and work-related tasks. Their phones are full of sensitive information. With phones, people are also more likely to use public Wi-Fi, which remains unprotected and exposes their device to unauthorized users. Webroot offers versions of its program for multiple devices, including tablets and phones. For basic protection, there are free apps available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Please contact us to further discuss picking the best antivirus program for your computing devices. We recommend Webroot for its high standards, powerful performance, and ease of use. If you’re having difficulty deciding which Webroot plan to pick, we can review them with you and make sure you’re getting the most out of whatever plan you invest in. A high-quality antivirus program is essential for keeping your computing devices and online identity safe against cyber attacks.

Viruses: Like a Ninja Waiting to Take Down Your Business

Like a ninja, some programs rely on secretly infiltrating your computer, embedding themselves among some of the systems most crucial to your computer, and simply wait.

Like a ninja, some programs rely on secretly infiltrating your computer, embedding themselves among some of the systems most crucial to your computer, and simply wait.

If you’re familiar with your computer, you’ve got a pretty decent idea what programs you have on it. You probably have a word processor, an internet browser or two, some work specific programs, and a few other odds and ends. There could be one or two others on there that you don’t even know about, though, and those are the ones that can cause you major problems down the road.

Hiding in the Digital Shadows

Like a ninja, some programs rely on secretly infiltrating your computer, embedding themselves among some of the systems most crucial to your computer, and simply wait. Often, these programs will not give any sign they’re there, and by the time they do give a sign that they’re in your system, it’s often a losing battle trying to get them out.

They can do anything from corrupt files, to render your computer completely useless, and never do they do anything good. They can even be used to gather information about you or your company that can then be used by criminals. It’s a scary thought.

A Hero to Save the Day

Thankfully, there is a reliable solution: Anti-Virus software. This software works tirelessly to detect and kill those silent, secretive, and damaging virus programs. Most anti-virus programs rely on extensive teams of analysts and coding masters to ensure they identify and learn how to remove new and unique viruses as soon as they come into circulation.

In this internet age, they’re simply essential, and they aren’t something you want to skip out on when it comes to personal or professional computers.

One of our specialties is finding the best anti-virus software available and helping to get you protected. We offer a wide range of protection options, from the more familiar Norton and Windows Defender, to programs that make your computer like Fort Knox against viruses; tools like Webroot and Virpre.

All the Options, How do you Choose?

Figuring out which option would work best for you depends on what you use your computer for, what kind of storage and back-up options you use, as well as some personal preference. If your computer is used to store critical information on clients, for instance, choosing one of the more robust anti-virus systems is likely the best option.

If you use your computer primarily for email, keep secure back-ups of any documents you have, and don’t need tons of options for how your computer is checked, there are more affordable options that will provide you protection, without a significant investment.

If you simply aren’t sure how much protection you need, we’re here to consult with you. Our staff is well versed in getting to know your system, how it works, where your vulnerabilities are, and which program would best serve to protect your important data from those sneaky viruses.

Double Agent ‘Anti’-Virus

What we will caution against, however, is attempting to go it alone in your battle against viruses. While we’re certainly well aware of viruses, that’s a two-way street. Those evil doers that make viruses have spent countless hours preying on people looking for protection from them, going so far as to release ‘free’ anti-virus systems that are, themselves, riddled with viruses. While that isn’t the case for all ‘free’ options, those that aren’t full of viruses often provide sub-par protection, use outdated information on viruses, and often ask for money to remove viruses when they do find them.

We’re Here to Help

By teaming up with a quality team of software professionals like SystemsNet, you can be sure that you’re getting a tested and reliable anti-virus program that will help keep you and your data safe, with professionals on hand to help you understand how to make sure it’s working for you and keeping your computers online and working as intended.

To find out how we can help you protect your computers from ninja virus programs,¬†contact us. We’re here to help.