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Taking care of all your business data protection issues.

Under the current business landscape, businesses need IT and cybersecurity more than ever. Most businesses have an automated structure that consists of online data backups, collaborations, exchange of data, etc. While automated structures can offer a variety of benefits to businesses, such as cost savings, scalability, flexibility, and enhanced productivity, it also makes businesses vulnerable to cyberattacks and data breaches.

A business’s data is stored on various servers, including sensitive and confidential data that belongs to customers, clients, and employees. If malicious actors gain access to this confidential and sensitive information, this can be detrimental to the business in every aspect. One successful cyberattack or data breach can lead to business operations being disrupted for a significant period of time, especially if sensitive and confidential information is exposed to the public. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to deploy reliable and secure IT and cybersecurity measures that give businesses the optimal protection they need for sensitive and confidential data.

If a malicious actor gains access to a business’s network infrastructure, it can have damaging consequences, such as the following:

  • Reputational damage
  • Internal and external control damage
  • Significant financial loss

Thus, high-quality IT security is of significant importance. With SentinelOne Security, businesses can benefit from a comprehensive, proactive, and real-time security platform.

Protecting Your Business with SentinelOne

SentinelOne is a security endpoint solution that helps manage business processes in a secure manner. SentinelOne streamlines every aspect of business processes, like data, access control, endpoint protection, and more. SentinelOne provides a comprehensive outlook of a business’s network and allows businesses to successfully manage digital assets. SentinelOne offers first-rate protection against known and unknown internal and external threats, as well as attacks to your endpoints.

SentinelOne also offers significant protection against cyberthreats. SentinelOne provides capabilities that mitigate the impact of cyberattacks. Some features of SentinelOne include the following:

  • Ability to detect threats in their early stages
  • Endpoint protection
  • Security integrations
  • Antivirus updates and ransomware protection
  • Privacy protection

SentinelOne offers more than just protection from cybersecurity attacks and threats. SentinelOne performs early threat detection through machine learning and AI capabilities. The tool inspects data, files, emails, memory storage, and everything that exists in the network to anticipate threats. When a threat is detected, the tool will automatically disconnect the network from a device to prevent damages.

Why Do I Need SentinelOne?

SentinelOne can be viewed as an alternative to traditional antivirus applications, which often have a number of issues with recovery. Traditional antivirus solutions are also known to not reduce a business’s downtime in the event of a cyberattack or threat. SentinelOne takes care of all issues related to traditional antivirus applications. Even when a business experiences downtime, employees will still be able to take on their daily tasks, ensuring productivity and efficiency are not slowed down, thus, preventing loss when recovering from cyberattacks, threats, breaches, etc.

It is not enough to only have a few antivirus, data monitoring, and data protection solutions. While you may have a few tools and solutions implemented, this does not immediately provide your business with the level of protection it needs. Cybersecurity remains a major problem, especially in SMB and mid-markets. In order to address cyberthreats and cyberattacks, your business needs the technology and solutions that will not only give you insight into your network infrastructure but will also put you in a better position to restore your data and continue your business operations with little to no downtime.

If your business handles many data sets and you have concerns about keeping your data and business protected against cyberthreats and cyberattacks, contact SystemsNet today for more information on SentinelOne.

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