Proving The Value Of IT With Monthly Management Reports

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Thorough monthly IT reporting can improve your IT performance in the long run.

As difficult as it may be to say, IT does not always give people a positive impression. Technology has a tremendous amount of value to a business, but some IT leaders are having a difficult time showing how valuable IT is to a business. When IT leaders are not able to adequately express the value of IT, this can create a problem that may be difficult to amend.

While some Chief Information Officers have been able to make the transition from a lower department to a higher department, many other IT leaders are having a difficult time getting everyone to understand that the role of IT is much larger than many may realize. Unfortunately, many people only view IT as a department or function within the business or organization that does not have any value to the profit.

Since IT is not always seen as a value generator, IT does not always obtain the type of reporting it deserves. Without proper IT reporting, your business or organization can fail to identify how valuable IT is.

Create an IT Strategy

There are various things CEOs, board members, and IT leaders can do to prove how valuable IT is and how valuable their positions are. Your business or organization needs to have an IT strategy in place to ensure IT will still have an impact. However, we understand that changing one’s mindset or foundation is not an easy thing to accomplish.

IT leaders will need to prove how valuable IT is to a business or organization. The IT department should no longer be viewed as a department where money sinks. The IT department should be viewed as a department that can generate a tremendous amount of revenue on a yearly basis. In order to prove how valuable IT is, one will need strong and efficient IT monthly management reports.

IT reporting will not only involve showing how valuable IT resources and departments are, but it will also involve how impactful IT is to the entire business landscape.

There are various details that will need to be included in the monthly IT reports in order to create an effective IT strategy, including the following:

Reported Outages

Downtime and outages can greatly impact your business or organization’s ability to operate. If your business cannot operate as it should, your business or organization will struggle to bring in revenue. If people cannot access your website or if your help desk is not working properly, your entire business operations will be negatively impacted.

It is the job of the IT department to solve the problems, and not be the one responsible for the problems. The number reported outages and the length of time it takes to resolve the problems should be included in the monthly reports. When you have reports that detail the reported outages, you will have a clearer understanding of what issues are common and what solutions can be used to ensure the issues do not become a trend.

Reported Resolutions

One of the goals of your monthly IT reports is to reduce the number of problems that can have an impact on the business or organization. However, we understand that the same problem can occur in different forms. The problems can also have an impact in different forms and in different manners. Regardless of the issues, the IT department will need to resolve as many problems as possible.

The issues that need to be resolved should not be settled on a temporary basis. No one wants to have a problem that will be solved only temporary. The number of resolutions that have been solved permanently should be placed in the IT reports. When the number of resolutions are listed in the IT reports, the number of future issues can be reduced because there will be a better understanding on how to resolve any similar problems that may arise in the future.

IT monthly management reports are needed to prove how important and valuable IT is to a business or organization. There are various reports that can be used to prove how important and valuable IT is. What reports and information do you think will have the greatest impact on your IT strategy?

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