Lesser-Known Benefits of VoIP Phone Systems (Part Two)

Video conferencing features are one of VoIP phone systems’ many benefits.

Many businesses continue to use legacy telephone systems because it is what they are used to, or simply because they are unaware of the benefits that VoIP phone systems can provide. Not only are VoIP phone systems often a more affordable option, but they provide a variety of unique features that makes these systems the ideal choice for any modern business owner. Not only are these systems portable, making it easy for you and your employees to stay connected from wherever you are, but they also come with additional features not seen in many traditional phone systems that add convenience, improve security, and boost productivity. If you have been debating whether or not to switch your company to a VoIP phone system, here is a look at a few of the lesser-known reasons you should consider doing so.

Training Tools

A particularly useful feature of VoIP phone systems is its training tools. When training employees on how to handle phone calls, you may only be able to hear one side of their conversation, from which you would have to provide feedback after the call has ended. However, a VoIP system can allow you to listen in on an employee’s phone conversation without the customer knowing. Additionally, advanced VoIP phone systems will even provide coaching tools that allow you to speak into an employee’s ear (known as whispering) to provide tips and advice while they are on the phone without the customer hearing. This provides the unique advantage of allowing you to train new hires by guiding them through routine phone conversations in real-time.

Customized Hold Music

Perhaps the only thing worse for customers than being placed on hold is the terrible elevator music callers are often subjected to when they are put on hold. Not only does terrible hold music often begin to irritate callers, but when customers are on hold is also wasted time that you could otherwise use to provide them with valuable information about your company. With a VoIP phone system, you can craft custom hold music that not only replaces elevator music with more popular alternatives, but you can also add pauses in the hold music where a pre-recorded message informs customers about your hours, products/services, website, and potential alternative contact methods. This allows you to take advantage of the time customers are on hold by providing them with useful information that may even answer the question that they had called to ask.

Advanced Conferencing Features

For many managers and business owners, conducting conference calls is something they do on a regular basis. Not only do VoIP phone systems integrate conferencing, making it simple to conduct remote meetings with colleagues and/or customers, but these systems also provide advanced features that can transform the way you conduct conference calls. Beyond just supporting standard conferencing, many VoIP phone systems also allow users to send files, collaborate on calendars, and share presentations or desktops over conference calls, making it simple to get work done remotely or make pitches to customers without having to travel.

Door Entry Buzzer Integration

Advanced VoIP features are all about making things easier for businesses by streamlining services. One way that they can do this is by allowing you to integrate an analog door phone into your VoIP phone system. This allows you to have a two-way conversation with visitors and unlock the door for them from your phone, greatly simplifying this process while enhancing building security.

VoIP phone systems are truly transforming the way that small-to-medium-sized companies conduct business. Contact us to learn more about the unique features VoIP phone systems provide as well as to learn about how a VoIP system could benefit your company.

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