IT Help Desk: Facing Your Customer Support Challenges (Part 1)

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An MSP has tools to provide analytical data back to the help desk in real-time

In your mind, you already have an excellent customer support team that has the level of commitment you need to provide all of your customers with a high level of support they need at all times. While you will always have the best intentions to be one of the leaders in customer service, sometimes you are not always able to properly execute your strategy.

If you have a support team that is filled with determined individuals, you will likely run into several challenges along the way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being determined and ambitious, but it generally means you will face more obstacles along the way as you attempt to achieve your goals.

Every business today is distinctive, but businesses that are continuously growing will generally place a high priority tag on customer service and the customer experience you provide. Unfortunately, these businesses will generally have some of the same customer service problems.

Customer Support Problem #1: Lack of Proper Data

Today, businesses in all industries are discussing the importance of data and analytics. Businesses are learning what it means to be data-driven due to the influx of data. However, using that data and making it work for you is often one of the biggest challenges that today’s businesses are facing. If your business does not have the proper tools in place, how will you be able to collect data and organize the data you have accumulated about each of your customers?

Will you have the data you need to learn about who your customers are and what type of experience they have had with your business in the past? We understand how difficult a task this can seem to be, especially for businesses that have more data than they can handle. The more data a business has, the more difficult it can be to pay more attention to the data that is the most important to the goals you are trying to reach.

Over 50 percent of businesses will struggle to make wise data-driven decisions. If your business does not have the ability to make decisions based on data, you will be making wild guesses when it comes to your customer service strategy. One of the things you can do to solve this is by using the proper customer analytics strategy.

Solution #1: Generate The Reports You Need

We encourage you to set aside some time to list all of your goals. Once you have established your list of goals, you will be able to make a wise decision about the data that can help you meet those goals. The only indicators or metrics you should heavily focus on are the ones that will help you meet your goals. While there are other indicators and metrics you may want to focus on, they may lead to a long list of challenges and distractions.

For many customer service teams, the indicators or metrics you will need to pay close attention to will be related to the feedback you receive from customers and the feedback about your customer service agents. After you have determined the metrics you want to use, we encourage you to find a solution that will make it less challenging for you to collect all the data you need to have. When you have a comprehensive dashboard that consists of everything you need to have, you will be able to generate the relevant reports you need.

When everyone on your customer support team has access to the proper indicators and metrics, your business will be able to make better decisions using the data you have obtained. You will no longer have to make guesses as it relates to your decisions because you will now have the tools and resources you need to determine how your customer support is being viewed by your customers.

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This concludes the first part of a two-part series. Come back for the second part of this blog where we share more customer support challenges and solutions.

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