Data Backups: Are You Really Safe?


Make sure your data is locked up safe.

If you are part of a business, you probably understand the importance of data backups. You know that, without maintaining backups of everything, any minor accident can delete data and cause major problems, and a major issue, like a natural disaster or a hacker’s attempt to cause damage to your system, can even lead to the business being closed. You probably have an entire plan set up, so that everything is backed up properly, and you may even have a hand in doing it, but do you really know for sure that everything is safe? Are you absolutely positive that all of your data would be easy to obtain if something were to happen? Unfortunately, no matter how perfect your plan is, it still depends on the execution. Here are a few things you can do to make sure everything is as it should be.

Put the plan in writing

Many companies already maintain paperwork concerning their data backup policies. If you do not already have something like this, create it. A written copy of what you expect can keep everyone on the same page. Distribute it to any employee that is involved in the process, and make sure they read it. Be available to answer any questions that they have. Keeping a record, as well as open communication, is the best way to make sure everything is happening like it should. If the policy needs to change, don’t be afraid to update the paperwork.

Hold meetings with relevant staff

Every once in a while, get together with any staff that are involved in creating or maintaining backups. Talk to them about what they’re supposed to be doing, and make sure they’re still doing what they’re supposed to. This is a great time to address any concerns anyone has. It’s also a great opportunity to introduce any policy changes.

Communicate with third-party storage companies

Most businesses make use of outside companies to maintain their backup. No matter how much you do yourself, you still need to save at least one copy offsite, which will require assistance from someone else. Even if you use another branch of your own company, it’s important to stay in touch. Make sure that they still understand what you need, and that they are still doing it properly. Don’t be afraid to check up on these outside companies. You have a right to confirm that your data is safe.

Conduct routine audits

Every so often, perform an audit on your backup system. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, or don’t have time, hire another company to do it for you. Create a simulated situation in which some or all of your data goes missing, and solve the problem. Get as many other employees involved as possible, and make it as realistic as possible. This will give you a good idea as to what would happen if data were to actually get lost. Once the test is completed, take the time to analyze the results, and fix any problems that arise.

Get involved

You may have already noticed this as a theme here. The most important thing you can do to make sure your data is safe is to become as involved as possible in the process. Talk to people, create your own policies, and get your hands messy. It may be tempting to set up a system and let it run itself, but this is not the path to take. It’s always best to do it yourself, if you can.

Looking for more help with your backup data? Contact us. We’ll be happy to help you make sure all your data is safe.

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