5 Ways VOIP Services can Save Your Business Money

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VoIP Services can save your Business Money

Internet phones are changing the landscape of business communication. So much so that even the large telecom companies are developing their own VOIP plans just to keep up with the trends. It’s no surprise, VOIP brings voice communication back to the cutting edge of today’s technology. The whole idea of a business phone system is integrated with modern software standards and compatibility with other essential software elements like your CRM.

But VOIP isn’t just making office phones more convenient and high-tech, it is also making business phones significantly more affordable. VOIP is far more accessible to small businesses, offering price points within a small-business budget for big-business quality of service. Let’s dive into the top five ways that VOIP services can save money for your business directly.

1) Scalability

Scaling for a larger, smaller, or expanding staff has always been a major challenge with PBX business phones because it means a rearrangement of the physical wires themselves. After setup, a business could find themselves stuck paying for too many or too few channels. But not with VOIP.

VOIP allows you to reserve exactly as many employee and facility phone lines you need, scaling up when your needs increase and scaling down if your staff numbers contract. All with minimal cost and no additional hassle or expense to handle your scaling through the handy online portal.

2) Runs on Existing High-Speed Internet

Another great perk of VOIP is that it works on internet data, not a phone signal. If you have already invested in a fast, guaranteed internet connection, there’s no need to buy a phone plan on top of that. When you already have high-speed internet, that is all you need. Your computers and devices will connect and everything you need will be available at high-quality. Your internet will provide all the signal necessary to run your phones and any necessary web browsing and cloud file management inside the company.

3) No Physical Equipment Installation

The next money-saving opportunity is dodging the physical installation. Every time a business makes a change to a traditional PBX system, a technician needs to run a line, remove a line, update the box, and so on.  Physical equipment installations are not just distracting and time-consuming, they are also costly. With VOIP, you don’t need to pay for technician time or wait for the installation to be complete to get on with work. Instead, you can make the changes you need to in the platform and that’s that.

4) Don’t Buy Company Phones or SIM Cards

Even for your remote employees and employees in the field, you no longer have to consider buying company cellphones or SIM cards to keep your team connected on your managed phone network. In fact, employee’s own devices can work as their VOIP hub and answering point as a number that is separate and parallel to their personal phone number. VOIP does use a SIM card, but not in the way you’re used to. It uses the card just to get an internet connection on the phone.

5) No Service Downtime

Finally, we come to a very important point. Because VOIP is so flexible by nature and lines can be answered from any device, you also can completely dodge most issues that would cause communications downtime. If you know maintenance is scheduled for your office or the entire team, you can simply have everyone transition to working from their laptops and phones to take calls from the same numbers as far as clients are concerned. There is no need to suffer through worrying, customer-losing downtime when your lines transfer easily from one device to the next.

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