5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need Cyber Security

IT professional using a laptop to program cybersecurity measures with a small business owner.

Protecting your business and customers with cybersecurity practices.

Did you know that over 58% of small business owners do not consider cyber attacks a threat? On the contrary, many small business owners tend to think that they are immune to these attacks. They believe that nobody is interested in their data- this creates an avenue for cybercriminals to explore.

Coming from a year where almost every aspect of life moved digital, cases of cyber attacks continue to rise. Now, more than ever, even small businesses need cyber security. Here is why:

1. Small Businesses are Easy to Attack

Large, established companies know that they are always vulnerable to cyber-attacks, so they annually spend millions on cybersecurity. With dedicated and talented staff, they can easily identify and neutralize threats as soon as possible.

On the other hand, small businesses do not have to put these tough measures in place- most companies do not protect themselves at all. As a result, cybercriminals can easily breach their security and do away with important data.

It is easier for criminals to have a successful attack on a small business than a giant. Taking the necessary precautionary measures prevents you from these attacks that can cause massive losses.

2. Inadequate Policies in Place

Most small businesses do not have data security policies. In case of an attack, these businesses are always underprepared- they take a lot of time to react.

Having good policies in place makes the job tougher for cybercriminals and gives your staff adequate time to respond to the attacks and make amends.

3. Cases of Ransomware are on the Rise

Not long ago, WannaCry and NotPetya ransomware were used to attack middle-sized companies, holding their critical information hostage. For those who paid the ransom, they had their data back. For those who didn’t, they didn’t recover.

As a small business, you do not need to pay ransom to anybody- invest in cybersecurity.

4. It is Hard to Recover from Cyber Attacks

If huge businesses can feel the impact of cyber attacks, imagine what they do to small businesses. With your information gone, it is very hard to collect yourself and start again.

5. Clients Do Not Appreciate Data Breach

Even for small businesses, clients want to know that their data is safe with you. Having good cybersecurity policies will improve your business in many ways.

What to Do to Improve the Cybersecurity of Your Small Business

Cybercriminals invent new ways to attack every day. However, ensuring the following components of cybersecurity are in place will keep you going. They can help you repel, note, or anticipate an attack.

  • Regular security assessment
  • Secure your emails from spam
  • Apply security policies on your network. Manage passwords well
  • Embrace multi-factor authentication
  • Update your computers regularly
  • Use advanced endpoint detection and response
  • Encrypt every possible aspect of your business
  • Back up your data to the cloud
  • Have web gateway security
  • Use data engines for event and security logs
  • Tighten your mobile device security
  • The firewall should be on at all times
  • Dark web research- knowing all the passwords and accounts on the dark web in real-time
  • Train your employees on the benefits of security awareness.

Quit gambling with your business and allow us to keep you safe. No cybersecurity fits all companies- you must have the services customized to suit your needs.

Need a Cyber Security Expert? Consider SystemsNet

At SystemsNet, we have the expertise and experience to do that. Our security options include multi-factor, Perch, SentinelOne, Webroot DNS,  profile protection and many other services. We can analyze the nature of your business and come up with an affordable plan that will protect you from cybersecurity threats.

Contact us today to choose your package. Please go through our blogs for more information and updates.


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