The Anti-Virus Solution and its Importance for Businesses

anti-virusViruses have evolved since the Internet first came into being in the 1990s. In the past, viruses were merely annoyances used by people to show off to their friends, or in many cases irritate them. Today, cybercrime is an entire industry.

Viruses steal information and can sell it on to third-party criminal groups who can empty bank accounts and steal customer details.

Let’s take a look at why every business needs some sort of anti-virus solution.

The Cost of Not Having an Anti-Virus Solution

About 17% of all computers in the world today lack any basic virus protection when browsing online, according to the anti-virus protection provider McAfee.

TrendMicro estimates on a global scale the cost of cybercrime could be up to $1 billion USD, and at least $300 billion at a bare minimum. Whilst it’s impossible to know the exact cost of business cybercrime, we can conclude it’s rampant, so an anti-virus solution is the minimum a business should have.

Stopping the Tide

The risk of not having anti-virus software is simply too great. Your average anti-virus program will block thousands of different viruses every month. And this is just for someone who doesn’t visit potentially malicious websites.

Viruses exist on even the safest websites. It’s impossible to browse safely without some sort of protection.

Covering for Everyone Else

A business with paid employees needs to be extra careful. You might see yourself as someone who knows how to browse safely. You already know the basics of not clicking on suspicious email attachments and staying away from dangerous websites. Do your employees know the same, though?

There’s no guaranteeing your workers are as careful as you, and you don’t want to take the risk. A virus that hits any access point on your network is a potential threat to your entire business.

Your Customers and Yourself

It’s not just protecting your website that’s a priority. To truly understand the dangers of a virus, you need to look at the chain reaction of an attack. If someone gets into your network, they can take the personal and financial details of your customers.

Criminal gangs can use this information to assault their bank accounts and cause untold misery. You aren’t just protecting your company, you’re doing your best by your customers. Some would argue it’s incredibly selfish to not invest in strong anti-virus protection.

Paid Software and Free Software

Free software already installed on your machine will rarely work. This is the most basic of all protections and won’t keep out stronger viruses. Don’t waste your time listening to the salesperson. The chances are they don’t have any clue what they’re talking about.

Paid software will provide you with regular updates and will save you money in the long-term. Keep customer confidence high and prevent any messy situations in the future by paying for an anti-virus solution.


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