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How Many Ways Can You Communicate Remotely with a VOIP Phone System? – Part 1

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VOIP phone systems can expand your communications capacity.

One of the biggest questions a business should ask when investing in a VOIP phone system is just how many features are included. It’s true that of the many virtual business phone systems available, there is a wide variance of feature availability. Some VOIP platforms function solely as “soft-phones” or software phone systems. Which is great, but limited. Here at SystemsNet, we proudly implement a VOIP phone system which is a lot more than just soft-phones.

VOIP for business is implemented as a fully capable corporate phone platform with features that cover enough ground that you can save on additional software if you know what you’re about to get in the package. A VOIP platform package includes options for text, video, and asynchronous communication in addition to all the bells & whistles and management platform tools for traditional business phones. We’re diving deeper to show you just how many ways your business can communicate with a VOIP system.

Full Office Phone Functionality

Starting at the start, you have a full range of business phone features which are, quite frankly, way too many to list. Call hunting, hold music, virtual switchboarding… the list goes on. So instead, we’ll focus on the different ways VOIP is designed to be put to use by businesses in various configurations. Let’s examine a few of the most common ways that businesses use VOIP to the greatest possible benefit.

Local Office and Virtual-Local Office Phones

When you need phones on desks, no matter where those desks are, A VOIP platform is prepared. Extensions, departments, teams, and call routing are all standard aspects of a business PBX phone system, and so VOIP platforms have you covered. Specialized VOIP handsets or headsets connected to desktop workstations are both options, depending on how your team is trained and prefer to work.

Not only can your VOIP system support any desk anywhere, you can also share the same virtual-internal phone network and arrange for local numbers to appeal to local customers.

Call Centers

Run a call center? Manage a call center inside an otherwise standard office phone system? VOIP can do that. Call hunting, switchboarding, smooth transfers, and automated phone assistants are well within the SystemsNet feature set. VOIP can produce as many numbers and extensions that your call-center needs. In fact, VOIP platforms allow you to unify call centers across multiple locations using the same virtual phone network.

Hotel Management

Hotel management poses an entirely different use of business phones, requiring special protocols for room phones. You also need a separate solution for staff phones and the ability to ring specific areas of the hotel like the kitchen or laundry. VOIP has accounted for hotel phone needs and the features are ready. There are several VOIP platforms or packages designed specifically for your hotel needs, both to provide for guests and staff communication.

Remote Work and Telework

Telecommuting and remote work has recently skyrocketed. If your business needs a phone solution that works for the whole team while keeping you connected as if you were in the same office, VOIP is ideal for this solution. A business VOIP network can keep your entire workforce connected even when everyone is working from home.

Text Live Chat

Of course, VOIP is a cloud communication platform, not just a phone system. That includes text with a comprehensive live chat platform able to connect to both with internal accounts and with customers. VOIP platforms specialize in providing for a company’s universal communication needs. In order to allow your team to communicate flexibly through voice, video, and text, live chat is a must.

Internal Chat

Internal live chat is essential for modern business productivity. Teams collaborate and connect through live chat whether they are across the office or across the country. Live chat rooms remove the barrier or distance and make it possible even for a busy call center of employees to hold private conversations. Live chat is also incredibly convenient when voice is not an option, when headsets are acting up, or when calling just isn’t ideal.

Join us next time for part two where we’ll talk about some more ways to communicate remotely with a VoIP phone system. Contact us today to find out more about switching to VoIP system from SystemsNet!