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3 Myths About Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

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Let us answer your burning questions about Managed Service Providers.

There are many factors to consider when you are preparing to choose a Managed Service Provider (MSP). We want you to be fully informed when the time comes for you to choose an MSP. Here are some of the common myths we have heard about Managed Service Providers.

Myth 1: Bigger Means Better

When it comes to IT services, bigger does not always mean that you will get better services. Businesses and organizations that are evaluating IT service providers for the first time often find themselves in interesting situations. Some workplaces find themselves assigning IT work to an employee who does not specialize in IT work.

On the other hand, there are businesses and organizations who hire a third-party to come in on an hourly basis. Unfortunately, these businesses and organizations will ultimately realize their current strategies are not working the way they intended. The strategies will not be sufficient enough when you have an IT emergency.

Companies like yours will generally ask questions about the size of an MSP in order to determine how much support they may be able to offer when a need arises. Unfortunately, the size of the business and the number of employees they have will not be able to help you determine an accurate response time.

It will not matter how large the MSP is, if the Managed Service Provider has a heavy workload, there is no guarantee that your needs will be met when you need support the most. Instead, you should ask an MSP about their procedures and policies that will help you determine how fast their response time is.

Myth 2: In-House IT Is The Better Option

We know that many businesses and organizations will feel that having their own IT staff and support system will be better than a Managed Service Provider. However, Managed Service Providers will have the ability to serve a variety of needs and roles within a company. If you hire someone to take on the maintenance, management, and troubleshooting, and they are not experts in those fields, that move could have a negative impact on your business.

A time may come when your IT person may not be able to respond to the IT needs on time. If you do not have someone available to address your needs, a major disruption could occur that will result in downtime that could prove costly to your business. Having someone in-house does not always mean you will have a fast and efficient resolution to your needs.

We are not stating that you should not have someone available to handle your IT needs, but you can also have a Managed Service Provider available to help fill in the gaps.

Myth 3: Every MSP Is The Same

Unfortunately, many people believe that all MSPs are the same, regardless of their size. When some business and organizations hear one thing about an MSP, they assume that all MSPs will provide the same services in the same manner. This is not true.

It is important to perform your research and obtain a clear view of the MSP you are considering. When you find an MSP that offers the services you need, you will have a better opportunity to determine if that MSP will be a good match for your business. You will need an MSP that performs prompt services and offers the support you will need.

When seeking an MSP, you will need a provider who will become your partner and support system. If you are looking for an MSP that will provide you with the services you need, please do not hesitate to contact SystemsNet today for more information.