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Four Ways To Prepare for a Windows 10 Migration


Backing up your data will make sure it stays safe during the migration.

A recent article from Business Insider takes a sharp tone in its title when it urges people to “stop waffling and install Windows 10 on your computers already.”

It’s understandable why companies may show some reluctance to migrate to Windows 10. People don’t always trust Microsoft and its promises, and sometimes they’re turned away by the computer giant’s aggressive marketing tactics. People may prefer an older system they’re accustomed to and the programs compatible with it. And they may also have legitimate concerns about new problems they’ll have to deal with after migrating.

Making your Windows 10 migration easier

Maybe one of your main concerns about the new operating system is the migration process itself.

To make a¬†Windows 10 migration go more smoothly, it’s important to take the right steps to prepare. Without proper preparation, you’re more likely to encounter¬†frustrating and perhaps devastating problems.

The following are four major ways to get ready for your Windows 10 migration:

  1. Evaluate your device and consider if it’s ready for Windows 10. Depending on the device you’re using, Windows 10 may put a strain on it. Look into whether your device can accommodate the new operating system. (Here’s a link to Microsoft’s specifications for Windows 10.) Inspect the health of your device as well; perform a disk check, and scan your device for malware.
  2. Review the contents of your device. Look into whether you have software that may not work well with Windows 10. And if you have any software on your device that you never use, feel free to delete it and create more space on your device. Do the same for any files you no longer need. (As long as you’re sure you’re not accidentally deleting something you really do need). Check that peripheral devices and hardware, such as your printer, will have compatible drivers with Windows 10. If you understand the content of your computer and work to organize it and clean it up, you’re less likely to experience unpleasant surprises after migrating to Windows 10.
  3. Back up your device. Never migrate to a new operating system without first backing up all of your data. Check that your backups are complete and that you really have copies of everything. Even if your Windows 10 migration goes smoothly, there’s still some danger of permanent data loss.
  4. Make sure you have all of your software license and password information. While many programs should make a smooth transition to Windows 10, it’s best to have copies of certain information readily available, such as software license keys and passwords. Maybe you’ll need to reinstall something or regain access to one of your accounts.

After installation, there are various settings you can check and configure to make the operating system more convenient for you, such as when to schedule updates that restart your device. The more carefully you prepare in advance, the fewer adjustments you’ll likely need to make once the migration is complete. But regardless of whether you think the migration went well, it’s important to go through your device and check that everything is working as you expect.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with migrating to Windows 10. Although people’s lingering concerns about the new operating system have some weight, it’s important to consider the advantages you’ll get once you migrate to it. Many companies are opting for Windows 10 because of its powerful security, its strong performance across computing devices, its user-friendliness, and its array of helpful, high-quality programs such as Cortana. Windows 10 users will also benefit from future tweaks and updates, along with support for compatible Microsoft programs. (In the next few years Microsoft will withdraw support from older operating systems.)

We can help you ensure that the migration process goes smoothly and that your operating system and its programs are set up in an optimal way for your business.