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Why SentinelOne Is Perfect for Your Business Security

Concept of using SentinelOne solutions - Employee using a laptop and touching a digital padlock with data protection.

Giving customers a unified and proactive security system.

Technology as we know it is rapidly evolving, and many cyber-solutions are quickly being rendered obsolete. Attack vectors and areas of vulnerability multiply with evolving network technology. Hackers now have numerous points to infiltrate your system, from endpoints to the networks to the cloud.

The most innovative and quick acting enterprises have attempted to address the cybersecurity points of vulnerability independently by developing specific solutions to threats. None of the proposed technologies pre-SentinelOne attempted a single solution that connects the dots and protects all points of vulnerability.

The pre-SentinelOne solutions made it overwhelmingly difficult to solve threats that targeted all vulnerability points at once. To fix this urgent product niche, SentinelOne developed Singularity XDR, a solution that monitors and protects all potential points of attack.

The Singularity XDR gives customers a unified and proactive security system that simplifies the process of monitoring, identifying and preventing attempts at security breach. The following is why you should seriously consider using SentinelOne as your cybersecurity solution.

Cross-stack Application Facilitated by in Built Artificial Intelligence

Singularity XDR, SentinelOne’s successful creation, can be integrated into all parts of your technology system, be it the endpoint, the internet of things (IOT), cloud, threat intel, identity, email, network, or your secure access service edge (SASE). This across the board compatibility is what is referred to as cross-stack application.

Cross-stack applicability gives the SentinelOne Singularity XDR an edge over other competitors. SentinelOne applies advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software to meticulously monitor all vulnerable points and facilitate streamlined operations and workflow.

Singularity XDR employs artificial intelligence to automatically unify and extend the detection, analysis, and response. With this technology, you can seamlessly view the security status of any point in your system through simple applications and even automate your responses to threats.

With all this power in your hands, you can very easily eliminate security blind spots and stealth attacks as they occur. Singularity XDR has attracted positive reviews from well-known technology enterprises that have put it into use.

Proven Track Record Used by Enterprise Companies

Nothing points to true quality than customer approval, and SentinelOne has nothing but stellar approval ratings from some of the most successful companies in the world. SentinelOne is trusted by 3 of the Fortune 10 companies and hundreds of the Global 2000 companies.

World leading companies like Electronics Arts, Samsung, Aston Martin and TGI Fridays have satisfactorily trusted SentinelOne to protect their valuable systems. IT professionals from these companies have consistently labelled SentinelOne the best cybersecurity measure in the market.

Even though many huge enterprises use SentinelOne, it is still affordably available to businesses with limited budgets, hence making it a cybersecurity favorite for any type of enterprise.

Cost Effective for Small Business Budget

With all the positive SentinelOne reviews, you would assume that it is expensive and hence unaffordable for businesses with limited cybersecurity budgets. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

SentinelOne offers a range of ‘Singularity Platform Packages‘ which are affordable by business of any stature. Prices range from $36 to $9┬áper agent per month. Regardless of the size of your business, your cybersecurity is definitely worth more than $36 to $9.

Protect Your Enterprise With the Latest Technology

Take your cybersecurity to the next level with SentinelOne’s AI assisted cross-stack solution to monitor, detect, analyze and respond to security threats.

Using an antivirus is not sufficient protection for your business, cyber criminals have gotten smarter and can exploit many points of vulnerability. It’s time to take the next step to effectively protect your business. Contact us here for a review of your current policies and an assessment of possible security mechanisms.