Email Archiving – The Benefits of Centralized Email Archiving

email iconThe Radicati Group say there are 850 million corporate accounts across the world, and the average user sends about 110 messages each day. You need a lot of space to store these emails, or 30MB per user per week to be exact.

What’s the solution?

It’s email archiving, obviously. The problem with email archiving is too many people are storing their archives on a local workstation. They’re exposing themselves with this massive security risk. Localized workstations are vulnerable and can be attacked. It’s a common theme to see attacks being made through less secure localized workstations.

Instead, you need to search for a centralized email archive solution. It enhances your security and ensures you’re doing your duty to limit the potential for network breaches.

Removing the Holes

A centralized archive puts everything in a single location. It means there’s one location and one location only were an attacker would have to breach security. Spreading your archives around local workstations only provides additional opportunities for leaks. It’s simply a matter of numbers.

You’re spreading your resources thin by not opting for a centralized archive.

Easy Organization

Before the concept of centralized email archiving appeared, it was typical to store emails across multiple departments of a corporation. An office may have their own email archive, along with the office next to them, and the office after that.

Centralized archives will store everything in the same place in separate folders. This makes it easy to locate specific emails. It’s ideal when dealing with clients or regulatory boards because any information can be called up in a matter of minutes in a safe and secure manner.

Synchronized Security

Security solutions have to be updated on a consistent basis. It’s a huge job to do this across multiple departments. A lack of synchronized security means for a short time part of a company’s emails are protected, whereas the others are vulnerable. Can you imagine having to update your antivirus system section by section?

This doesn’t happen. You press a button and it updates everything at the same time. With a centralized email archive you can have this level of synchronized security. It’s safer for your network.

Space Saving

As well as reducing the number of access points, as described above, centralized email archives save space. They’re less bulky and take up less digital space. For any business of any size, they cost less. Anything that reduces the amount you pay will always be worthwhile for a business to invest in.


In short, what you have with centralized email archiving is better security and more efficiency. There’s no reason why localized workstations should play a part in an archiving solution. With the costs of a security breach running so high, it’s not worth the risk. Take control of your email security and make sure you don’t fall victim to a digital attack.


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