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Habits That An IT Help Desk Department Should Avoid


Frustrated by the attitude your receiving from your help desk?

Can you think of a time when you did not appreciate the kind of customer service you received? Unfortunately, many of us remember the bad customer service we receive from the good customer service. Terrible customer service moments will remain in customers minds, and they will share those stories with anyone who will listen.

There are various bad habits that IT help desk professionals should certainly avoid if they want to provide outstanding customer service on a consistent basis.

Avoiding Some Help Desk Tickets

Generally, an IT help desk department will use tickets to successfully manage the interactions they have with their customers. Some IT help desk agents will ignore the difficult tickets in favor of the easier tickets. If a help desk agent only wants to take the easier tickets, the help desk agents will never know what it is like to be challenged. When IT help desk agents are challenged, they will have to dig a little deeper, which will allow them to obtain more knowledge. Every customer should have their questions answered in a timely manner.

Formal Tone Of Speech

One of the biggest mistakes many IT help desk agents make is not connecting with customers on a personal level. It can be easy for help desk agents to read directly from a script or send an automated email to the customer. When IT help desk agents put in the extra work to build relationships with customers and give them a better customer service experience, the more the IT help desk agent will get out of the interaction.

It is certainly important for IT help desk agents to be polite, but being too formal may make your customers feel isolated. When someone contacts a company’s IT help desk department, they are usually feeling agitated and upset that they could not figure out the problem on their own. When a help desk agent responds in a friendly tone, the customer may be able to relax a little more.

The Attitude

We all know what it is like to have a bad day, right? However, it is important that IT help desk agents have the ability to keep their emotions in check. It is important to remain calm at all times, even though it may be difficult at times. There should be no arguing with customers, being defensive, or being dismissive when a customer asks a question.

IT help desk agents have the ability to create great experiences that will lead to a loyal customer base. IT help desk agents should be able to separate the business at hand from their personal feelings. The knowledge, experience, expertise, patience, etc. should all outweigh the personal feelings of an IT help desk agent.

Failing To Fully Respond To Questions

Many IT help desk agents are in such a hurry to respond to as many tickets as they can that they will simply respond with a yes or no answer. When customers only receive a yes or no answer to a question, this will only lead to more questions. When customers are constantly asking the same question because they did not get a better response the first time, this will mean the help desk agents will have more work to do.

In order for an IT help desk agent to be effective, the agent should try to respond with a detailed answer the first time the customer asks the questions. Customers have high expectations, and when they have a problem, they expect the IT help desk agent who responds to their ticket to have the knowledge and expertise to help them. How can an effective IT help desk department change your business operations? Contact us today and learn more about the SystemsNet team.

IT Help Desk: The Customer Satisfaction Method


Woman answering calls at an IT help desk.

From the many points of contact between companies and clients, the IT help desk is the number one opportunity to inspire long-term loyalty in customers. Customer service representatives have clients on the phone at their most vulnerable moments, when the product has failed to work and they must ask for help. These reps have the power to ease frustration, quickly solve problems, rescue customer data and overall turn a tenuous situation into one of customer relief and happiness. Customers who receive high quality, fast, and friendly technical support will stay forever because they know any problems that occur will be easily solved by company experts. To achieve this ideal standard of service, your help desk team needs to adopt the right attitude, and implement the customer satisfaction method.

Start with Positive Listening

Usually, by the time someone calls for tech-support, there has already been some long frustrating journey. They have gone through the trouble of identifying the issue, have probably tried to fix it themselves, and have finally accepted that they need assistance. Remember that their negative feelings are about the problem and stay positive and friendly as they explain their experience with the technical issue. You will probably need to pick out the relevant technical data from their personal account, so let them finish and consider taking notes when you hear a detail that could aid in the solution.

Understand the Customer’s Point of View

Many people are aware that their mistake caused the problem, and should be reassured that technical mistakes are easy to make. Explain to them why they made the mistake and try telling a few stories about other issues caused by similar mistakes. This assures the customer that they’re not alone in their technical challenges and a few funny accounts of other bugs can do a lot to alleviate tension. While your official duty is to fix the bug, easing customer worries and cheering them up after a challenging technical experience is a valuable service any help desk agent can provide.

Explain the Problem & Teach the Solution

The chance is high that your customer is interested in what went wrong and how it was fixed and in most cases it’s safe to explain it to them. When you understand the problem, lay it out for the customer in a way they can understand. Whether it was a slipped decimal point, missed semicolon or an accidentally mismanaged email, it is interesting information and can help them prevent the same issue in the future. If the solution takes a little bit of time to implement, you can use that phone-time to explain what you’re doing to the customer. You may be surprised at their enthusiasm to learn your methods and repair procedures, and the involvement will make the customer feel more deeply included by the company as a whole, building connection, and loyalty.

Build a Reputation

High-quality customer service is rare enough, but help desk agents that can simultaneously solve problems and cheer up their customers will become legendary. When people share their tech support horror stories, your customers will feel compelled to chime in with their unusual tale of when the tech support agent made them laugh and taught them something cool. When you offer excellent help desk service, your company’s reputation for customer care will skyrocket.

Optimized your help desk methods are an important key to long-term customer retention and loyalty. Any company with a help desk can benefit significantly by training agents to be positive, assuring, and informative with every customer that calls in. If you have a help desk or are preparing to set one up for your company, contact us to speak to one of our IT experts.

What Can A Live Answer Help Desk Do For You?


We are here to help

Throughout the day, your employees will come across a variety of problems on a daily basis, especially when it comes to IT. Some problems are easy to fix, and others are too difficult for your employees to figure out on their own.

If you want to improve the speed of how fast your IT problems are solved, you should certainly consider making an investment in a live answer help desk. A help desk is a resource that you definitely need when you have to resolve IT problems. When you have a live-answer help desk, your employees will always have someone to talk to when they need assistance.

Here are some of the things your business can expect to receive when you invest in a live answer help-desk.

A Guarantee That Your Problem Will Be Resolved

When your employees are pulling their hair out because they are frustrated and upset about the problems they are facing, they will usually request help. However, sometimes when they reach out for help, they do not always receive a response when they need it the most.

If your employees do not receive a response, they will usually feel like no one cares about the problem they are facing. Your employees should not feel ignored when they are reaching out to an IT team for support. Even if the problem cannot be resolved right away, your employees should be informed that someone will actually begin working on the issue.

Your employees should not submit a question and not receive a response. Your employees will feel better knowing that they can actually ask a question and have someone respond in a timely manner.

Fewer Headaches And Frustrations

You may think you do not need a live answer help-desk because you have an IT staff. Your IT staff already has plenty of work they are responsible for on a daily basis. If you want to take the pressure off your IT staff, they will also benefit from this help desk. The help desk will allow your IT staff to focus on other projects, and it will also allow them to use other resources so they can find the best solution.

Improve Your Business

When your business has a live answer help desk, you will immediately see an increase in the productivity and efficiency in your business. When solutions are resolved quickly and correctly, everyone will benefit. Not only will your employees be able to do their jobs better, but your customers will appreciate the work everyone is doing to make things easier and better for them.

If your employees cannot be productive, your customers will not be happy. If your website is not working, your customers cannot use your website. When they cannot use your website, they cannot purchase any of your products or services. When no one is buying anything, your business is not making money.

Having a live answer help desk has an impact on everyone involved with your business, including the customers. Everyone will enjoy having a better experience when issues are resolved by professionals who are willing and able to help.

If you are interested in a live answer help desk, but you are not sure if making this investment is the right decision for you, do not hesitate to contact us today for more information. It does not matter what size your business is, you should certainly take a look into what a live answer help desk can do for you.

If you want to continue running your business and you do not want IT problems to get in your way, you will appreciate everything that a live answer help desk has to offer.

Five Major Benefits of a Live Answer Help Desk



A live answer IT help desk is a very valuable resource for your staff, allowing them to troubleshoot issues quickly and efficiently.

In the course of their work, your employees encounter a variety of IT problems. Some of them are easy to resolve, while others emerge as part of a deeper, more complicated issue.

To significantly improve the quality and speed with which your IT problems get resolved, it’s worth investing in a live answer help desk. A help desk is an invaluable resource for resolving IT problems. With a ‘live answer’ set-up that puts your employees directly in touch with IT professionals, your company can experience the following benefits:

1) Assurance that someone is working on the problem

Employees contact a help desk in situations where they’re confused, frustrated, and potentially facing a serious problem that’s hindering or damaging their work. When they request help and don’t receive a timely response, they’re more likely to feel ignored and anxious. Even if there isn’t a quick fix to their problem, they should receive the reassurance of a quick response from IT professionals. They should know that they’re communicating with people, and not dropping their requests into a void.

2) Quicker turnaround and less downtime

Because a live answer help desk ensures a more prompt response, your company will usually benefit from a quicker turnaround for IT problems. The help desk can resolve many problems on the spot. If the issue is more complicated, the help desk can immediately set to work investigating it further and consulting with other IT professionals as needed.

You avoid protracted email exchanges, which often result in miscommunication and delays. The help desk remains more in sync with employees and is able to interact with them. Clarification can be obtained on the spot. The help desk can give employees clear instructions and walk them through the necessary steps towards a solution. As a result, your company experiences less downtime. Downtime lowers morale and weakens your business by draining it financially.

3) New issues coming to light

In the course of interacting with a live answer help desk professional, your employees may inadvertently reveal another IT problem currently afflicting your company. This problem may have gone unrecognized or undetected. It isn’t something employees would know to request help for. It’s possible that it isn’t even a full-blown problem, but has the potential to develop into one. An IT professional can catch these stray revealing comments. They can start working on the unforeseen problem immediately or make a note to return to it in the future.

4) A boost in business

When a live answer help desk leads to effective solutions more quickly, it isn’t only your employees who benefit. Your customers also enjoy a more positive experience doing business with you.

IT problems affect your customers either directly or indirectly. For example, if your website is down, your customers can’t access information about you, buy your products online, or log on to their accounts. If there’s a problem affecting your customer relationship management software, your employees struggle to stay productive. They wind up devoting less of their time to cultivating a relationship with customers and clients.

The benefits of a live answer help desk spread to your customers, who enjoy greater trust in your services and more satisfaction when they work with you.

5) Less of a burden on other IT staff

Even if you already have in-house IT staff, a live answer help desk will ease their responsibilities. It frees up some of their time, so that they can shift more of their efforts towards important projects that will further your business growth. Your live answer help desk also provides another resource in case your IT staff encounters problems that don’t have a straightforward solution. The help desk can assist them with reaching the best possible solution. Or it can handle more routine issues as they devote their attention to the more thorny problem.

Please contact us for further information about our live answer help desk services. Whether your business is small, medium-sized or large, a help desk plays an indispensable role in resolving your IT problems and ensuring that your company doesn’t lose significant amounts of money through preventable downtime.